Take A Hike

There’s so much going on in Swansea this weekend and I’m going to give it all a plug because there’s a lot of people living in Swansea who are professional complainers and bang on about nothing happening, which isn’t true, so why not get into town tomorrow (Sunday) and take a hike around the cityContinue reading “Take A Hike”

City Centre Thug

  This image has had quite a lengthy journey. I did the original drawing (below) of a seagull, or city centre thug around these parts, at Swansea Museum weeks ago, working with Edinburgh-based printmaker Kelly Stewart, sketching antique taxidermy birds and bugs from the Museum collections.     Then I created a transparency to transferContinue reading “City Centre Thug”

Who Ate All The Pies?

Who Ate All The Pies? I spent the afternoon down at Swansea Print Workshop, working alongside other artists, heads down, printmaking. I worked with two others, preparing silkscreens with Azicol photosensitive solution. I’m going to make a photoscreen from a drawing I did recently, of a seagull during a drawing day at Swansea Museum.  Continue reading “Who Ate All The Pies?”

That Beetle Is Toast!

Here’s a little screeprint I did at the weekend. The characters are a snipe and a beetle, printed onto a Fabriano paper with a fragment of chine colle. I think that beetle’s days are numbered!

Birds And Bugs, Rubbish And Rugby

I’ve just finished an exhausting three days working with Edinburgh-based Australian artist Kelly Stewart to develop a boxed set of small screenprints based on drawings we did from the Swansea Museum archives – taxidermy birds and invertebrates. I also included some imagery based on rubbish – the sort that ends up in our rivers andContinue reading “Birds And Bugs, Rubbish And Rugby”

Birds And Bugs

  I spent yesterday drawing at Swansea Museum with a group of artists led by Edinburgh-based artist Kelly Stewart. It was arranged by Swansea Print Workshop who worked with staff from the Museum stores to select antique taxidermy specimens from their collection – a range of birds and bugs. I drew herons, a hawk, cockchafersContinue reading “Birds And Bugs”

A Slice Of Time

This screenprint represents a very specific slice of time. Some years ago, there was a Woolworths store opposite the Waterstones bookshop in Swansea. I used to sit in the window of the bookshop cafe up on the first floor, with a pot of tea, and scribble the pigeons that sat on the Woolworths signage opposite.Continue reading “A Slice Of Time”

Complex Fragments

I’ve zoomed in on parts of the random scribbles I’ve been doing over discarded screenprints lately. These fragments are complex images in their own right. I’ll probably end up using them for collages but for the moment I’m enjoying them as they are.     A lot of my artwork is available on my ArtfinderContinue reading “Complex Fragments”

Back To Scribbling

I returned to scribbling onto recycled prints today. This is an old screenprint that I didn’t like when I did it but it’s on a gorgeous Zerkall paper that’s too good to throw away, so I scribbled all over it. I took some digital photos of the result and here is a small section ofContinue reading “Back To Scribbling”

Like A Cartoon Fight

Another scribbling experiment today. layering Daler Rowney soft pastels over an old screen print, I started with a rusty ochre pastel to start with, rubbing in places to alter the texture and the intensity of the colour. Then I worked my way through green to a very dark brown, then white at the very end.Continue reading “Like A Cartoon Fight”