Four Seagull On Four Rooftops

Walking around Waun Wen on Sunday, stopping and scribbling, I noticed these four seagulls on four rooftops in a row, stepping steeply down the hilly street of Rockland Terrace. A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawings of the antique taxidermy collection at SwanseaContinue reading “Four Seagull On Four Rooftops”

Sparta Puss And The Magpie

Today I finished off the copy I made of Monet’s painting “The Magpie”, started with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. So many shades of white! I used Liquitex heavy body acrylic paints, Daler Rowney brushes for acrylics and a primed canvas from Wilkinsons. Oh, and a couple of palette knives. InContinue reading “Sparta Puss And The Magpie”

A White Raven Emerges

Inspiration can be a slow process for me. I heard a poem performed by Welsh artist and rapper Rufus Mufasa back last year which featured a raven and it’s been buried somewhere inside and emerged a few days ago. As a female raven, as a manifestation of the ancient Welsh goddess Brânwen and now, today,Continue reading “A White Raven Emerges”

Scribbling Brân

I practised drawing a raven today, from a photograph, as I have the germ of an idea for some new work. I find birds really hard to draw because they have such strange proportions. My first one was way off, the second is getting there. More work to do. I’m thinking this may end upContinue reading “Scribbling Brân”

City Centre Thug

  This image has had quite a lengthy journey. I did the original drawing (below) of a seagull, or city centre thug around these parts, at Swansea Museum weeks ago, working with Edinburgh-based printmaker Kelly Stewart, sketching antique taxidermy birds and bugs from the Museum collections.     Then I created a transparency to transferContinue reading “City Centre Thug”

Who Ate All The Pies?

Who Ate All The Pies? I spent the afternoon down at Swansea Print Workshop, working alongside other artists, heads down, printmaking. I worked with two others, preparing silkscreens with Azicol photosensitive solution. I’m going to make a photoscreen from a drawing I did recently, of a seagull during a drawing day at Swansea Museum.  Continue reading “Who Ate All The Pies?”

The Scourge Of The City

I did this drawing of a seagull a couple of weeks ago at Swansea Museum from a stuffed seagull in the Museum’s stores. I think it’s a herring gull (but I’m not sure). If it is, then it’s on the conservation danger list, which surprises me because there are thousands of them around here. They’reContinue reading “The Scourge Of The City”

A Tissue Issue

Workibng with Kelly Stewart at Swansea Print Workshop last week, I experimented with different ways to screenprint my range of drawings. I’ve always liked the chine collé technique especially with handmade paper made from recycled saris. I get it from the haberdashers in Swansea Market and it has a great texture and a some juicyContinue reading “A Tissue Issue”

The Bits In The Middle

The first stage in producing my recent set of screenprints was doing the drawings.   Then came the bit in the middle. I had to produce a set of transparencies. Some were photocopied from the original drawings onto a special Overhead Projector (OHP) acetate – the two bugs and the heron.   Some were redrawnContinue reading “The Bits In The Middle”

Beginning To End

I started with an ink and wash sketch of a snipe (using my homemade walnut ink at Swansea Museum) drawn with brushes.   Then, at Kelly Stewart’s screenprinting session at Swansea Print Workshop, I redrew it onto cellophane with brushes and black acrylic paint. These are the transparencies I used to create photoscreens.   And thenContinue reading “Beginning To End”