Plants And Blueprints

Local Plants Here are some of the cyanotypes (sunprints) that I’ve been doing with local residents in Waun Wen park recently. I’ve been using plants found locally – some sedum spectabile seed heads, crocosmia seeds and bay laurel. I used commercially coated cyanotype paper and exposed outside for 8 minutes (it’s winter, the light isContinue reading “Plants And Blueprints”

Trying Things Out 1

Had a lovely few hours in the Waun Wen Community Centre this afternoon, making collages with some students from Swansea University. We’ve recently been out in the area making textural rubbings (Koh-i-noor graphite and Ho-sho paper) and blue sunprints (cyanotypes) and these are going to be used to make collage kits for local residents whoContinue reading “Trying Things Out 1”

Testing, Testing 1,2,3…

I’m doing some teaching tomorrow, taking a group of people for a walk to an inner city nature park, a reclaimed quarry and we’re going to be doing cyanotypes (aka sunprints). I’ve always done these from scratch in the past, mixing the chemicals and coating paper or fabric myself, but this time I’ll be usingContinue reading “Testing, Testing 1,2,3…”

Two 5s And A 10 On A Cyanotype

Here are three sketches from the life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop this week, two 5 minute poses and one for 10 minutes. I have been working with this model for years, she’s a strong woman with great presence. I used conte crayons in white, black and sanguine onto an old cyanotype I recycledContinue reading “Two 5s And A 10 On A Cyanotype”


  I’ve just done a dozen or so monotypes using rubbish. I recently became the artist in residence with the FIRE Lab at Swansea University and I’ve been going out on field trips with the science team along the River Tawe, looking at its ecosystem, which includes noting the rubbish. We used some rubbish weContinue reading “Rubbish”

Old School OHP

  I’ve been posting about the field trips I went on recently with colleagues from Swansea University’s FIRE Lab, walking the path of the River Tawe and making cyanotypes along the way. Mostly we made photograms – photographic prints made directly from found objects placed on the paper. But we also took some time outContinue reading “Old School OHP”

While I’m Away …..

  Here’s a couple of ‘blind contour’ sketches I did recently on a field trip to Craig-y-Nos with colleagues from the FIRE Lab. I did the sketches without looking at the paper and without taking my conté crayon off the paper. Forces me to focus on what’s absolutely essential and gives the linework a lotContinue reading “While I’m Away …..”

While I’m Away….

  Another of my quick sketches from my field trip with FIRE Lab colleagues a couple of weeks ago. I like doing these very quick sketchbook studies, they’re dynamic because I have to work so fast.   The FIRE Laboratory I am currently artist in residence with The Fire Laboratory  at Swansea University and have been goingContinue reading “While I’m Away….”

Studying Shrimp

  Alongside making cyanotypes with my colleagues on a recent field trip, I also did some drawings. Here’s one at Craig-y-Nos in conté crayons – black, white and sanguine into an A4 sketchbook made from brown parcel paper. It took about 3 minutes and I did it mostly without looking at the paper. It forcedContinue reading “Studying Shrimp”

A Roundup Of The Blue Field Trip

Out In The Field Last week I went on a couple of FIRE Lab field trips with colleagues Steph and Joelle to walk the River Tawe Path, making cyanotypes, or blueprints, along the way. I’d prepared Bockingford paper with a solution of two chemicals, Ammonium ferric citrate and Potassium ferricyanide, in a darkroom and took themContinue reading “A Roundup Of The Blue Field Trip”