Copper Crucibles Part 1

I took part in a Zoom art session recently which is inspired by Swansea’s industrial heritage. Copper Crucibles is a two part course, making small clay crucibles in moulds on one day and then, when lockdown restrictions are lifted and we can get out and about, we’ll be doing a raku firing for part 2.Continue reading “Copper Crucibles Part 1”

Recycling And Creating

I’m an educator as well as an artist and I’ve spent many years working in adult learning with people who have, for various reasons, been excluded from education to some degree. I work a couple of days a week for a national charity for people who are homeless or vulnerably housed. Covid19 lockdown has beenContinue reading “Recycling And Creating”

Mugshot Update

Husb and I have been doing a bit more work on our mugshots aka slow selfies aka self-portraits. We’re turning out to look like a right pair of criminals 😀 We’re working from life, not photos, so we have to concentrate really hard and this is what we look like when we concentrate really hard.Continue reading “Mugshot Update”

Free Zoom Art – Skulls And Sticking

I’m an educator as well as an artist and I run a lot of art sessions and workshops, on Zoom in these pandemic times. I have a free one coming up, “Get Sticky With Scribblah”, organised by GS Artists in Swansea and the 9to90 Creative Community, on Saturday (27th February) 10.30 – 12.30 UTC. ClickContinue reading “Free Zoom Art – Skulls And Sticking”

Mugshots ….

Husb and I participated in a self-portrait painting workshop today, led by the fabulous Welsh artist Tomos Sparnon and hosted by the most excellent GS Artists in Swansea. Of course, it was on Zoom as we’re still in lockdown but I’m enjoying online learning, both delivering and receiving. Today we worked in acrylics on canvas,Continue reading “Mugshots ….”

Uncle Bryn In Gouache

I finished this gouache portrait sketch of the Welsh actor Rob Brydon, in his incarnation as Uncle Bryn from Gavin and Stacey. It’s for the GS Artists / 9-to-90 Creative Community Art Festival in Swansea. Last year the subject was Michael Sheen – I did him in embroidery. I think I got a better likenessContinue reading “Uncle Bryn In Gouache”

Nearly But Not Quite

I did some more painting today – what’s going on with me? I’ve hardly painted since I was in art college back in the 1970s and now I can’t stop. The fabulous GS Artists have been organising free art tutorials, a mixture of Zoom and on-site (observing safety protocols of course). It’s part of theContinue reading “Nearly But Not Quite”

The Final Touch

  The mixed media print I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks is now finished! I did the final touches this evening. “Dragon’s Revenge” is designed by Jamie Reid and commissioned by GS Artists and is a combination of archival digital print (the pale blue background and the word DRAGONS), screenprint (theContinue reading “The Final Touch”

Onto The Next Block ……

As one art project comes to an end, the next one gets started. I’m cutting a new little lino block – something for International Womens’ Day #IWD2020 . I’m using hard brown lino and I’ll fix the block to a stamp base that I bought in the Modular store in Berlin a while back. AndContinue reading “Onto The Next Block ……”

Nearly There…

  I used my sweet little antique press today to carry on printing a little lino block. Here’s a closer view of the cast iron press, which is probably early Victorian and made in London, by Sampson Mordan & Co. These are often called bookbinding or nipping presses but it’s possibly one of the veryContinue reading “Nearly There…”