Colour Theory Mandala Finished.

I’ve finally finished the colour theory mandala I started a few weeks ago. I’ve only been working on it one afternoon a week but I’ve been totally absorbed in doing it, really getting into the zone. I constructed the design with a pair of compasses and a pencil – and someone reminding me of GCSEContinue reading “Colour Theory Mandala Finished.”

Colour Mandala Step 5.

I did some more work on my colour theory mandala today, finishing all the segments, with a selection of brushes and palette knives. I’ve covered Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours, Complementary colours, Tints and Shades and now I’ve started painting in little linear patterns with bronze paint and a very fine brush. I’m using DalerContinue reading “Colour Mandala Step 5.”

Colour Theory Coasters

I’m using colour theory in different materials to make some teaching aids. As well as the painted mandala, I’ve been doing some examples on clay. The coasters on the top row show how colours change slightly on different coloured backgrounds and also the difference between glazed and unglazed. The ones on the bottom row showContinue reading “Colour Theory Coasters”

The Colour Theory Mandala

Had a chance today to continue working on the colour theory mandala I’m constructing as a teaching aid. I’ve done Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours, tints, tones and shades and today I completed the central section with two pairs of complementary colours, referencing Johannes Itten. I’m laying down the paint quite roughly at the momentContinue reading “The Colour Theory Mandala”

Pouring Down

Someone showed me how to do paint pours last week, using PVA glue, water and acrylic paints. She made it look very easy but I had a bit more difficulty moving the canvas around. We used up some old tubes of acrylic paint that had been hanging around since before Covid19 lockdown and that’s whyContinue reading “Pouring Down”

More Mandala

Carried on today painting a mandala incorporating classic colour theory. I remember we had to study Johannes Itten’s colour theory book when I did an Art Foundation course way back when. Coincidentally, Itten was one of the founders of Art Foundation courses, when he was a lecturer at The Bauhaus. I’m developing this from aContinue reading “More Mandala”

Back To Basics #2

I carried on working on the colour theory mandala I started last week. It doesn’t do any harm to get back to basics now and again. I’m focusing on mixing colours at the moment but when they’re all in place, I’ll pay attention to the brushwork – it’s a bit rough. I’m using Daler RowneyContinue reading “Back To Basics #2”