Pushing It ….

I’m carrying on with this painting onto a recycled canvas, from a sketchbook scribble I did a while back (below). I’m way out of my comfort zone here, I normally try and work directly from life, or from a photo if I really have to, so to try and make a painting from what isContinue reading “Pushing It ….”

Making A Start ….

I’ve been scribbling in sketchbooks for decades but I hardly ever develop any artwork from these little drawings. I don’t know why, it’s a huge resource but until recently I forgot about the sketches almost as soon as I’d done them. So recently I decided to make a real effort to go back to myContinue reading “Making A Start ….”

Getting Nearer.

I did some more work on the “celebrity” portrait I started recently, using my new-ish pastels from the Lake District. I don’t normally work from photos or do celebs, but I need a lot of practice to try out these as they’re much softer than I’m used to. The likeness is getting nearer but notContinue reading “Getting Nearer.”

Under The Weather…

It’s been one of those days when I feel really under the weather – and the weather is miserable, grey and rainy. I didn’t get on with the pastel drawing I wanted to complete so I grabbed a few minutes to scribble my feet that are perched on top of my exercise ball in theContinue reading “Under The Weather…”

Who Is It?

I don’t generally draw celebrities but I was trying out my new pastels and there wasn’t anyone in the house so I grabbed a photo off the Internet and started scribbling their likeness. Here’s the halfway point – can you see who it is yet? Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, aContinue reading “Who Is It?”

The Chinese Model In Timelapse

I’ve been trawling through my YouTube channel and thought I’d post one of the short timelapse films that Husb makes while I work. Here I am copying Tretchikoff’s “The Green Lady” or “Chinese Girl”. It took ages, so much detail in the dress, although the head was fairly straightforward. Here’s me painting her in lessContinue reading “The Chinese Model In Timelapse”

And A Little Bit Pear Shaped: 4

Towards the end of the day I spent up The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir last week, I had a fourth, final, attempt at doing a monotype with a silkscreen and Daler Rowney acrylic screenprint medium. My experiments with Inktense blocks were a miserable failure (here) so I switched to watercolour pencils. First, I printed aContinue reading “And A Little Bit Pear Shaped: 4”

A “How To” Film – Screenprint With A Naughty Cat!

Husb and I have made a short 3 minute film about how to set yourself up to do silkscreen printing on a kitchen table, or desk. The cat joined in. Of course she did! A lot of people ask me how to set up for printmaking at home, so this will be the first ofContinue reading “A “How To” Film – Screenprint With A Naughty Cat!”

Still Pear Shaped: 3

After disappointing results with the Inktense blocks*, I decided to switch to watercolour pencils. I’d done this monotype technique before and the results weren’t bad, so I thought I’d give it another go. I drew onto the screen mesh from an old portrait sketch, and then squeegeed Daler Rowney Screenprint Medium through it. The resultContinue reading “Still Pear Shaped: 3”

Then It Carried On Being Pear Shaped: 2

Following on from yesterday’s tale of defeat*, I had a think about what might have gone wrong and wondered if the Inktense marks on the silkscreen just didn’t get wet enough to release their vibrant pigments onto the paper. So I made the mesh nice and wet and drew onto it with the Inktense blocks.Continue reading “Then It Carried On Being Pear Shaped: 2”