From Sketch To Drawing

I have sketchbooks stuffed full of drawings stuffed into cupboards but I rarely work from them, once they’re done they tend to be forgotten. So I’ve decided to go back to them and try and develop something using different materials. This is a recent sketch in ballpoint pen done in a local quarry. It’s linearContinue reading “From Sketch To Drawing”

Channelling Gabrielle and Paula

This is new for me, I’m doing a painting based on a sketch done en plein air a few weeks back. I’ve been practicing my paint skills with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook throughout the lockdown and now I feel confident enough to do one of my own. I love the GermanContinue reading “Channelling Gabrielle and Paula”

In The SPace

Swansea Print Workshop has a temporary artspace, The SPace, in the heart of the city and one of the benefits is that it gives our members a pop up gallery. Here are my series of screenprinted portraits of women artists who inspire me and four of my drawings of ancestral burial sites in Pembrokeshire –Continue reading “In The SPace”

Registration. Registration. Registration.

  Registration is critical for a printmaker and when you start as a callow student it’s difficult to get your head around it, but eventually it becomes second nature. It also makes use of some of the boring maths I learnt in school. I did one tabletop registration for all eight of my recent silkscreensContinue reading “Registration. Registration. Registration.”

For The Love Of Paper

I’m cracking on with my silkscreens of women artists, completing another 2 editions today,  Hannah Höch, a Berlin Dadaist and pioneer of collage and photomontage and Gabriele Münter, a German Expressionist painter. I’m printing in editions of 25 and hope to complete eight editions to take to the London Art Car Boot Fair on June the 14th.Continue reading “For The Love Of Paper”