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A Rare Self Portrait

25 Feb


I don’t often draw myself, mainly because I don’t like looking at myself; I rarely wear make up so I don’t spend much time looking in mirrors; I have always hated having my photo taken so there are no photos of me around the house. This is a rare self-portrait that I did as part of a much larger piece of ephemeral drawing back in Autumn 2015 when my fellow artist Melanie Ezra and I took over a semi-derelict shop in Swansea’s High Street and opened it up to other artists to see what happened – we called it ‘The Bagpuss Window’. I’m going to post some of the videos made of ‘The Bagpuss Window’ by Melvyn Williams over the next few blogs because I want to show some of the fab artists who came along and did art …….


Here’s the first one featuring musicians David Pitt and Shey Edlington ……..



I am putting my series of drawings of ancient Welsh monuments on Artfinder.  If you want to see more, please click on the image below or the Artfinder link at the top right of this page.

St Elvis

Great Spaces, Great Faces

22 Sep


I feel like I’m charging ahead in my quest to draw 100 Baby Boomers, with seventy two completed and another 5 booked in for my last day at the Creative Bubble artspace next week. In October, I’m going to be drawing from the lovely Galerie Simpson. It’s been great drawing in different creative spaces around Swansea, the venues have been so generous letting me use their spaces.

Creative Bubble was set up by University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) and Swansea BID to get some creative stuff happening in Swansea’s City Centre. It’s based in an empty shop at 13 Cradock Street – students, graduates & friends use it to try out their ideas.

Galerie Simpson, started life as a publishing label founded by artist Jane Simpson, producing limited edition artworks made in close consultation with internationally renowned artists. Opening an office in her home town of Swansea, this organically grew into an artist led – non profit gallery; Galerie Simpson swansea, is a salon style melting pot of a space, with a diverse range of shows and events.

I’ve also drawn Boomers at The SPace, a temporary outreach arm of Swansea Print Workshop, and Swansea Museum, which Dylan Thomas described as the museum that belongs in a museum. Great spaces to draw great faces.


Please drop by on the last evening of my solo show at The Workers Gallery for tea and art, cake and conversation. The exhibition ends on the 24th, so not much longer to see it.



Immense Character

15 Feb

I’ve come to the last of my Baby Boomer drawings for a little while as The SPace, where I have been doing these drawings since November, has now closed at the end of its temporary lease. I need to find a new place to continue the drawings over the next few months. This Baby Boomer has a face of immense character. One of the things I really appreciate about doing these drawings of my generation is seeing a lifetime reflected in these faces, so many stories, so much experience leaving their mark.

I have done 42 drawings so far into my sketchbooks and I have 58 to go to reach my target of 100. Several of my models have suggested that number 100 should be a self portrait, so I guess that’s a good idea. I hate drawing myself though because I frown so much when I’m concentrating, I look really cross.







A Face Of Distinction

14 Feb

Another Baby Boomer sketch and I’m coming to the end of this phase of drawings, with around 40 completed. I’ve been doing them at The SPace in Swansea’s High Street but it’s now closed as our temporary 12 week lease is up, so I’m going to have to find another venue to continue my sketches. I loved doing this drawing, my model has such a distinctive face.

The Glamour

10 Feb
The Glamour

The Glamour

Continuing with my series of drawings of Baby Boomers, my latest model is at the top end of the demographic and is now aged 70. I have known her for over 40 years and she is still probably the most glamorous woman I know, always beautifully dressed and groomed, the sort of person who makes heads turn when she walks into a room, not because of outrageous clothes or acres of bare flesh but simply because she oozes sprezzatura, an effortless impression of elegance, confidence and charm. In Celtic mythology, the glamour was a magical ability to weave spells on humans.

I’ve been doing these recent portraits at The SPace on Swansea’s High Street. It’s been a short-term project in partnership between Swansea Print Workshop and Coastal Housing Group and it comes to an end on Saturday. It’s been a lovely venue for doing these portraits and I’m going to have to find somewhere else to draw them from now on, I still have to do about 60 of the 100 I plan to draw. I drew this with a mid-grey graphite stick into an A4 spiral bound sketchbook.

And It’s Goodbye From The SPace

5 Feb

Panoramic view of the lovely SPace

Hurry and see this artspace before it disappears! Back in the middle of November, some members of Swansea Print Workshop got together to run a short-term popup gallery and artspace in Swansea’s run-down High Street, an area of social regeneration. We had a 12 week lease from Coastal Housing group and we painted and cleaned, hung prints and drawings on the walls and opened to the public 4 days a week. The rest of the time we went in and worked on art stuff, sometimes alone and sometimes in small groups.

A press feature back at the beginning.....

A press feature back at the beginning…..

And now we’re coming to the end of the lease. We recently installed a print and drawing-based installation, ‘Identity‘, led by Pip Woolf and inspired by work with people with dementia, which has brought in a lot of intrigued visitors and we’re closing with a ‘Goodbye Tea’ on Thursday February the 11th from 5.00 to 7.00, with lashings of home-made cake.

The collaborative installation instigated by artist Pip Woolf

The collaborative installation instigated by artist Pip Woolf


Please join us if you’re in the area and watch this SPace as we’re hoping to carry on in some shape in coming months……..


The SPace is at 217, High Street, Swansea, Wales, UK until February the 13th.

Specs And Beards

4 Feb

Roberts A

I’m on a bit of a roll with the baby Boomer sketches – here’s another. Over the years I’ve concentrated on life drawing and whole figure sketches, portraiture is fairly recent and I’ve fund that the two most difficult things to draw are spectacles and beards. And here is my latest model with both!

Back At Me

1 Feb

Hiscott A

Another Baby Boomer with wild curly hair this morning and also another artist who drew me right on back. I decide what drawing materials to use when I sit down to draw. Some people are suited to drawing pens (Faber Castell Pitt) and some to graphite (I use a variety in stick form). Graphite seemed best suited to her remarkable unruly hair. I have enjoyed drawing people at The SPace on Swansea’s High Street. We only have 2 weeks left of our 12 week lease so I’m making the most of drawing people in these rather lovely surroundings.

Wild Curly Hair

31 Jan


Here’s another of my series of portrait drawings of fabulous Baby Boomers. I’m so enjoying doing these, the conversations I’ve been having are just as important as the physical act of drawing; it’s informing and consolidating my thoughts for the future development of the work. This Baby Boomer is a fellow artist and was having a conversation with yet another artist at The SPace on Swansea’s High Street where I was drawing her. This made it more difficult than usual to get an accurate likeness but I think it led to a more animated drawing. It was fun drawing her scarf and wild curly hair. I used a dark grey graphite stick into my A5 spiral bound sketchbook.

Under Wraps

28 Jan
"Identity" at The SPace

“Identity” at The SPace

I’ve been involved in an artist collective, members of Swansea Print Workshop, at The SPace. We’ve had the place since mid-November and will be there for another three weeks. One of the best things about this has been the impetus for some of the artists to work together, to discuss and collaborate and we’re launching an installation tomorrow, instigated by Pip Woolf, who provided huge pieces of tissue paper for us to work on and then she’s used the results to wrap the gallery. It’s open for just a few days – there’s a discussion led by Pip followed by refreshments Friday (29th) from 5.30 to 7 pm and it’s open daily Friday, Saturday and next Wednesday, 11.30 to 5pm.


Pip says,

I am currently exploring “Identity” as a subject that has arisen from my ongoing research alongside dementia, those diagnosed with it, those living with it and those who are supporting. In choosing to show my current work in progress at the Space I have had to consider how I can use the venue respectful of the other 13 members. At the same time when I first saw the SPAce it seemed to offer a potentially interesting and experimental venue to introduce my early enquiries through making.

The discussion will focus on how my studio work has developed and how showing here intersects with my interest in collaborative work. 

The SPace arose as a group of printmakers saw an opportunity to promote their work as well as the fantastic facility that is Swansea Print Workshop. Many of us do not know each other so co-operative use of the SPace is a key element. The temporary pop up has been created as outreach of Swansea Print Workshop courtesy of a generous arrangement with Coastal Housing.”

The SPace continues until February 13th at 217 High Street, Swansea.

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