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Getting Mucky Together

23 Jun

three artists

Getting Mucky

I spent a couple of hours at Swansea’s Creative Bubble this morning with fellow artists Patti McJones and Chris Bird-Jones. We unleashed a box of compressed charcoal! And got mucky together. That’s one of the nicer things about being an artist, you always have an excuse to shamble around in overalls with charcoal dust up to your elbows.



Creative Juices

2 Oct


Finishing things is something a lot of artists find hard. I used to. Once you’ve had an idea and worked it out in your head, it’s tempting to say to yourself, “Well, there it is. That’s the creative bit done. From now on it’s just graft.”

And up to a point that’s true, but these days I find that more creativity comes on stream as I work, as I draw, the mark-making, the interpretation of the subject are creative processes as well. I’ve reached number 76 in my series of 100 Baby Boomer drawings, but it’s still exciting and creative. As I talk to each new sitter, as I draw them I find more and more ideas spinning out of the murkiness of my brain, or heart, or guts, or wherever creative juices reside.


This sitter was the last that I drew at the Creative Bubble artspace, a really useful service provided by University of Wales Trinity Saint Davids – or the Art School as many of us still call it. Graduates and students are able to book it for free to use in developing our creative projects. It’s so helpful to have this available in the city centre and it’s a great way for the Art School to support local artists. Thanks Creative Bubble!!! From next week I’ll be drawing more Boomers at Galerie Simpson on Swansea’s High Street. More news of that tomorrow…..


There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder, please click on the image below to take a look. Thank you.



Great Spaces, Great Faces

22 Sep


I feel like I’m charging ahead in my quest to draw 100 Baby Boomers, with seventy two completed and another 5 booked in for my last day at the Creative Bubble artspace next week. In October, I’m going to be drawing from the lovely Galerie Simpson. It’s been great drawing in different creative spaces around Swansea, the venues have been so generous letting me use their spaces.

Creative Bubble was set up by University of Wales Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) and Swansea BID to get some creative stuff happening in Swansea’s City Centre. It’s based in an empty shop at 13 Cradock Street – students, graduates & friends use it to try out their ideas.

Galerie Simpson, started life as a publishing label founded by artist Jane Simpson, producing limited edition artworks made in close consultation with internationally renowned artists. Opening an office in her home town of Swansea, this organically grew into an artist led – non profit gallery; Galerie Simpson swansea, is a salon style melting pot of a space, with a diverse range of shows and events.

I’ve also drawn Boomers at The SPace, a temporary outreach arm of Swansea Print Workshop, and Swansea Museum, which Dylan Thomas described as the museum that belongs in a museum. Great spaces to draw great faces.


Please drop by on the last evening of my solo show at The Workers Gallery for tea and art, cake and conversation. The exhibition ends on the 24th, so not much longer to see it.



Same And Different

15 Sep


Here’s another Baby Boomer – I am so enjoying drawing my generation at Creative Bubble Artspace. So many fabulous faces, so many interesting stories to tell. The conversation I have with my sitters is just as important as the portrait sketch; I have my own thoughts and views on what it means to be a Baby Boomer but other people’s experiences are sometimes similar, sometimes so very different.


Please come and visit my solo show at The Workers Gallery and you’re very welcome to come along to an ‘in conversation’ event right at the very end – there will be cake!mud-megaliths

An Early Night

7 Sep


I spent today at the lovely Creative Bubble Artspace in Swansea’s city centre, drawing Baby Boomers. I got through six today, which takes me up to sixty five of my target of one hundred by the end of the year. And now I’m tired so off for an early night ……

Tea with me at The Workers Gallery – a chance to see my new solo show with lashings of tea and homemade cakes – bara brith, elderflower and lemon sponge, orange polenta gluten free cake, Victoria Sandwich, parmesan biscuits – and art in the gorgeous Cynon Valley.


There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder. Please click here to visit. Thank you.

Just Visiting!

6 Sep


Forging ahead with the Baby Boomer portraits, here’s one who visited today and was scribbled …. there’s no escape! Any Baby Boomers wandering in through my front door will be nabbed! Tomorrow I have six more Boomers booked in for some intensive sketching at the Creative Bubble Artspace in Swansea. It’s a lovely space leased by University of Wales Trinity Saint Davids (what a mouthful, it was just called ‘The Art School’when I went there back in the days of the dinosaurs). Anyway, students and graduates can use it for their art projects, it’s a great way of supporting local creatives and I’ve booked it for a few days this month to draw more people of my generation. I drew this portrait with a 6B chunky graphite stick into my A4 hardbacked, spiral-bound sketchbook.


Tea with me at The Workers Gallery – a chance to see my new solo show with lashings of tea and home-made cakes in the gorgeous Cynon Valley.


There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder. Please click here to visit. Thank you.

The Cold War

2 Sep


Mollzahn C


I carried on with my 30-minute Baby Boomer drawings today at the Creative Bubble artspace. I’m not just drawing, but I also have a conversation with each sitter about what being a Baby Boomer means to them, what has been iconic about our generation. It’s fascinating to talk to each person and now that I’ve drawn 57 people, I’m building up a picture of what’s common to us all and what’s unique about each individual’s experience. The Cold War is something that affected most of our lives and linked to that, the nuclear arms race and campaigns about nuclear power. This sitter wasn’t brought up in Britain and it was so interesting to talk around how different our childhood and adolescent experiences have been.

I started to use a different medium for drawing today, a different make of graphite stick that is much softer than the ones I’ve been using so far and this changed my style, much freer, much more scribbly.



Tea with me at The Workers Gallery – a chance to see my new solo show with lashings of tea and home-made cakes in the gorgeous Cynon Valley.


There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder. Please click here to visit. Thank you.


16 Aug

stage 5


I’ve spent the past two days at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea City Centre, with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective. We have the venue every month to give us the space to work together, try out new ideas and we open the doors to the public so that people can drop in and see how artists go about creating a piece of art. It doesn’t just appear fully formed on a gallery wall!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I worked on a massive drawing, the second in a series I am planning to do over the next year or so. The first, on the right in the pictures, was completed and displayed as part of my installation at Fringe Arts Bath back in June. They are inspired by a visit to Berlin a couple of winters ago, when there was thick snow on the ground. I saw the Holocaust Memorial just after a fresh snowfall. It was beautiful and haunting. I worked with carbon and graphite blocks onto Fabriano Accademico paper, approximately 150cms by 200 cms.

Pushing The Sketch.

19 Jul


I’ve been working at Creative Bubble artspace this week, trying out some different approaches to my sketchbook drawings. I have possibly thousands of them and I want to see if I can develop original work from some of the sketches. I also wanted to work big and to try and get away from my linear comfort zone.

Creative Bubble is an artspace run by the University of Wales Trinity St. Davids aka the art college. Graduates and art students can book to use the space to develop their artistic pursuits. I’ve been working here with the 15 Hundred Lives collective for a couple of days a month for the past year and we throw open the door to the public, so people can wander in and see what it is that artists do and how we create an artwork from scratch.

I did three large drawings from my sketches, working with willow charcoal, compressed charcoal and chalk onto brown wrapping paper. I spent a lot of time thinking and researching theory during the process. I need to carry on pushing in this direction, it feels right but I’m a long way from where I want to be.


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