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Grow Up, Step Up

21 Jul



I’ve been working on a series of tiny reduction relief prints and last week I printed the first colour. Today I began cutting the second colour from the blocks. This is called the reduction or ‘suicide’ method as you systematically destroy the block leaving no room for error. I was chatting to an experienced etcher today who said he found the reduction method too terrifying. I guess I may be a masochist! It’s a risky business as I don’t work from detailed designs, I do a rough initial drawing straight onto the block and then cut instinctively so I won’t know if it works out until I print the next colour. The temptation is to cut away too much; you can always cut away a bit more once you’ve done a proof print, but you can’t add anything back.


The imagery has been inspired by a visit I made to the Berlin Holocaust Memorial a couple of winters ago. It’s not a slavish copy but an interpretation of what I saw and how I felt about it. My inspiration was strengthened this evening when Husb and I went to the cinema to see ‘Woman In Gold‘, an extraordinary and moving film. My generation grew up with parents and grandparents who had been involved in massive world wars and the aftermath hung over our childhoods. As that generation of elders that fought World War 2 is dying out, there is a terrifying rise of xenophobia across Europe and the responsibility of remembering the horrors of industrial scale murder falls onto the shoulders of we Baby Boomers. We’ve had a privileged existence and now it’s time to grow up, step up and do the right thing. We stand on the shoulders of giants, we mustn’t forget what they fought and suffered for.



16 Aug

stage 5


I’ve spent the past two days at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea City Centre, with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective. We have the venue every month to give us the space to work together, try out new ideas and we open the doors to the public so that people can drop in and see how artists go about creating a piece of art. It doesn’t just appear fully formed on a gallery wall!

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I worked on a massive drawing, the second in a series I am planning to do over the next year or so. The first, on the right in the pictures, was completed and displayed as part of my installation at Fringe Arts Bath back in June. They are inspired by a visit to Berlin a couple of winters ago, when there was thick snow on the ground. I saw the Holocaust Memorial just after a fresh snowfall. It was beautiful and haunting. I worked with carbon and graphite blocks onto Fabriano Accademico paper, approximately 150cms by 200 cms.

Drawing A Big One

17 May


I’m making a drawing installation for the Commensalis collective’s new show which is opening at Fringe Arts Bath (FAB2014) next Friday. It’s made up of five sections and this is the first, a large drawing (about 150 x 200 cms) in carbon, graphite and charcoal. It’s based on drawings I’ve done from photographs taken during a visit to Berlin a couple of years ago. It was minus 20C and there was about 2 feet of snow everywhere; it covered the Holocaust Memorial throwing the dark granite monoliths into sharp relief against the pristine white snow, creating ethereal grey shadows in between.

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17 Jan

17 box 2

I’ve not blogged for a couple of days. Dad-in-law’s funeral was yesterday and I haven’t really felt like doing anything arty but last week I was working flat out on this piece-in-a-box for Art’s Birthday – which is TODAY. Organised by Locws International, my work has been installed along with 9 other pieces-in-boxes in the Oxfam bookshop in Castle Street in Swansea. It was based on some drawings and digital photographs I took of the Berlin holocaust memorial in deep snow a couple of years ago.

17 box 1

I did a drawing in Faber Castell Pitt pens (various sizes in black) onto Mark Resist (Mylar) film, 20 inches square and mounted it about one-third inside the box. I printed out a lightened version of the first drawing I did of this topic, a couple of years back, and stuck segments of it to the interior walls, leading the eye into the main drawing. Finally I printed out the original digital photograph and stuck it onto the side of the box. Oh and Husb mounted an LCD light inside so it can be seen at night. Very different from my usual work.

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