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FAB Fridge Art

20 May

Rosie Scribblah The Subversive Stitch

Busy busy busy in Bath. I have work in three exhibitions in Fringe Arts Bath this year. I’ve blogged about the first two in my previous 2 posts and now here’s the last – 3 little arty magnets in FAB Fridge, a street art extravaganza made up of over 500 little fridge magnets which will be stuck all over Bath at the weekend.

Rosie Scribblah Sixties Dude


It’s organised by the Collect Connect group that organised an exhibition of tiny art in cardboard boxes along London’s South Bank earlier this year. These three images of mine are original drawings on top of transfer prints, done from some of my digital photos.


Rosie Scribblah Ladies In Waiting

I really like the work that Collect Connect does, democratising art by taking it out onto the streets for anyone to see … and collect. It’s all systems go in bath on Friday night. All the exhibitions in this year’s Fringe Arts Bath are opening from 6.30 pm so if you’re anywhere within travelling distance, please come along. The city will be buzzing with arty stuff!

Drawing A Big One

17 May


I’m making a drawing installation for the Commensalis collective’s new show which is opening at Fringe Arts Bath (FAB2014) next Friday. It’s made up of five sections and this is the first, a large drawing (about 150 x 200 cms) in carbon, graphite and charcoal. It’s based on drawings I’ve done from photographs taken during a visit to Berlin a couple of years ago. It was minus 20C and there was about 2 feet of snow everywhere; it covered the Holocaust Memorial throwing the dark granite monoliths into sharp relief against the pristine white snow, creating ethereal grey shadows in between.

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