The Cold War

2 Sep


Mollzahn C


I carried on with my 30-minute Baby Boomer drawings today at the Creative Bubble artspace. I’m not just drawing, but I also have a conversation with each sitter about what being a Baby Boomer means to them, what has been iconic about our generation. It’s fascinating to talk to each person and now that I’ve drawn 57 people, I’m building up a picture of what’s common to us all and what’s unique about each individual’s experience. The Cold War is something that affected most of our lives and linked to that, the nuclear arms race and campaigns about nuclear power. This sitter wasn’t brought up in Britain and it was so interesting to talk around how different our childhood and adolescent experiences have been.

I started to use a different medium for drawing today, a different make of graphite stick that is much softer than the ones I’ve been using so far and this changed my style, much freer, much more scribbly.



Tea with me at The Workers Gallery – a chance to see my new solo show with lashings of tea and home-made cakes in the gorgeous Cynon Valley.


There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder. Please click here to visit. Thank you.

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