Printing Press Porn! A Short Video.

Here’s a short film of a stunner! The lovely Columbian printing press at Swansea Print Workshop. Easily my most favourite press in the world. I drool over it. Well, not literally. That would make it icky.   Invented by American George Clymer around 1813, it took over from the Stanhope Press and allowed a wholeContinue reading “Printing Press Porn! A Short Video.”

Time Lapse Film – Scribbling Pen Y Fan

Here’s a short time-lapse film of me drawing Pen Y Fan en plein air using Derwent Inktense watercolour blocks and a portable watercolour brush. The view is from the Mynydd Illtud standing stone. Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, a younger relative of mine, to have life-changing surgery in Spain. Phil isContinue reading “Time Lapse Film – Scribbling Pen Y Fan”

Spiral Labyrinth

Another blast from the past, here I am at The Bagpuss Window, a semi-derelict artspace set up by Melanie Ezra and myself about 18 months ago. It only lasted 3 weeks but we, and lots of other artists and performers, did loads of arty stuff. Here I am walking the spiral labyrinth installed by prehistorianContinue reading “Spiral Labyrinth”

A Darker Turn….

This full size portrait drawing is part of a much larger piece of ephemeral drawing I made back in Autumn 2015 when my fellow artist Melanie Ezra and I took over a semi-derelict shop in Swansea’s High Street and opened it up to other artists to see what happened – we called it ‘The BagpussContinue reading “A Darker Turn….”

A Rare Self Portrait

I don’t often draw myself, mainly because I don’t like looking at myself; I rarely wear make up so I don’t spend much time looking in mirrors; I have always hated having my photo taken so there are no photos of me around the house. This is a rare self-portrait that I did as partContinue reading “A Rare Self Portrait”

Sunpan Scribbles

I think it’s important to draw. It underpins my artistic practice. I know a lot of people who find drawing demoralising because they can’t do it “right” but it’s a hard thing to do, like playing a musical instrument and you can’t expect to turn out a perfect drawing each time, or even for theContinue reading “Sunpan Scribbles”

Cat Face – my drawing on video

Here’s a short video of my drawing of Sparta Puss, step by step. It’s a digital drawing done on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a free Markers app. I saved the drawing frequently and then Husb edited it together on Adobe Premiere Pro with a free soundtrack from Purple Planet. She was in aContinue reading “Cat Face – my drawing on video”