Printing Press Porn! A Short Video.

Here’s a short film of a stunner! The lovely Columbian printing press at Swansea Print Workshop. Easily my most favourite press in the world. I drool over it. Well, not literally. That would make it icky.   Invented by American George Clymer around 1813, it took over from the Stanhope Press and allowed a wholeContinue reading “Printing Press Porn! A Short Video.”

Not Just Faking And Baking

I’ve been looking at my blog posts over the past few months and it looks as if I spend most of my time baking or faking (with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Fridays) or drawing trees. But behind the scenes I’ve been carrying on with my pandemic-inspired project which involves, in the firstContinue reading “Not Just Faking And Baking”

It’s All About The Technical Details!

March 16th and 17th at Swansea Print Workshop I’m running a course in woodcut printmaking using MDF. “Q. Can you use MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) for woodcut prints? A. Yes you can – as long as you get the technical details right. Q. And how do I make sure that I get a nice qualityContinue reading “It’s All About The Technical Details!”

Talk Turned Geeky

Husb and I had a teatime visit from friends today and, as one of them is a fellow printmaker, the talk turned geeky. She noticed a number of my blockprinted portrait heads on the wall and we chatted about materials and techniques. Instead of the traditional lino or wood, or even modern vinyl, I usedContinue reading “Talk Turned Geeky”

Puss ‘n’ Boots

Spent a lot of today using the Columbian press at Swansea Print Workshop and then went visiting family. When I got home, I didn’t have much time so I scribbled a quick sketch, just a few minutes, into my little A5 Peter Pauper Press sketchbook. I sketched my boot and my cat, Sparta Puss.

Get Over Yourself

  I recently had a rubber stamp made from a screen print I did a few months back (here) and tried it out today for the first time on some leftover pieces of lovely Shiohara paper. It came out like, well, a rubber stamp. Being a geeky and rather obsessive printmaker, I of course wantedContinue reading “Get Over Yourself”

“People And Place” – The Video

Here’s a short video about the art collective I’m in. It shows the 3 of us, a painter, a collagist and a scribbler / printmaker, at work. We’re called “15 Hundred Lives” and we have our first major group exhibition, “People And Place” starting tomorrow (Friday 21st August, 6-8pm) at Oriel Ceri Richards in theContinue reading ““People And Place” – The Video”

The Block Block

Here are the vinyl blocks I printed yesterday, inked up and ready to go. They’re about 7 x 9 inches each. They’ve been printed singly but I like the look of them grouped together in a block and might print a couple of sheets like this. But that’ll have to wait until after I’ve finishedContinue reading “The Block Block”


Up and out early today to finish the second colour on the last four vinyl blocks. Done and dusted. I’ve made a series of 8 small and 4 not so small block prints for the exhibition I’m a part of in a couple of weeks. The imagery has been inspired by a visit I madeContinue reading “FINISHED!”

The Antique Columbian

I’ve been working on a new series of linocut (well, vinyl) prints for an exhibition coming up at Oriel Ceri Richards later this month, a group exhibition with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective. Each print will be in 2 colours on white, using Japanese Hosho paper and Intaglio Printmakers relief inks. I printed theContinue reading “The Antique Columbian”