The Collage, The Tip And The Cake

I’ve been smearing leftover paints onto nice papers over the past few months, building up a store of collage papers to experiment with. I recently started thinking about the Hafod tip in Swansea which was opposite my bedroom window for much of my childhood. And looming above it in the distance was the equally black and ruinedContinue reading “The Collage, The Tip And The Cake”

Let’s Get Ready To Crumble!

Had a very domestic day today, first babysitting a family toddler – a small, cute, adorable maniac. Then I made an allotment crumble with Bramley apples, raspberries and wild strawberries. It didn’t last long – when it comes to crumble, Husb takes no prisoners!     A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks IContinue reading “Let’s Get Ready To Crumble!”

Fake And Bake

Had another lunchtime session with The Cheese And Wine Painting Club over on Faceboo. It’s all painting and no cheese and wine, honestly. Today we tried out copying a landscape with flowers using big brushes, palette knives and an old debit card. Picked up some good tips. After faking it, I baked gluten free lemon,Continue reading “Fake And Bake”

Messing About With Gouache And Buttercream

I had a bit of gouache left over from a design I was working on so, waste not want not, I grabbed some Bockingford paper that was knocking about and messed about with it, not using any source material, just brushing the paint across the paper for the sheer fun of it. It flows soContinue reading “Messing About With Gouache And Buttercream”

Cake And Chaos

Sometimes you have your day planned out and there’s plenty of time to do some artwork but then life just gets in the way and everything turns a bit chaotic and that’s what it was like today. Nothing bad, just unexpectedly hectic. But I made time to make Husb his favourite cake for his birthday,Continue reading “Cake And Chaos”

Sharpening Tools

Just carrying on cutting blocks today for my pandemic printmaking project. I’m still in the early stages but I know what I need to do and that’s most of the battle, to be honest. I keep my tools super sharp as I’m carving the lino, using my Flexcut Slip Strop. I’ve cut almost a thirdContinue reading “Sharpening Tools”

Tonto The Dog And A Pochoir Design

I don’t often take on design work but I need to put together an adult education instruction pamphlet, cutting stencils and building up layers of acrylic paint for a finished “pochoir“. It’s a word that’s hardly ever used now, it’s a multi layered stencil print. It was very popular in the first half of theContinue reading “Tonto The Dog And A Pochoir Design”

Not Just Faking And Baking

I’ve been looking at my blog posts over the past few months and it looks as if I spend most of my time baking or faking (with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Fridays) or drawing trees. But behind the scenes I’ve been carrying on with my pandemic-inspired project which involves, in the firstContinue reading “Not Just Faking And Baking”

Fair Pay, Cake And Unicorn Sprinkles

Husb and I went to our local ‘Support the NHS’ demonstration earlier today, highlighting the unfairness of wages for those that only very recently were being clapped and praised by the government. It was well organised, with people being responsible, maintaining a distance, wearing masks, using sanitiser. Demos are always a good opportunity to sketchContinue reading “Fair Pay, Cake And Unicorn Sprinkles”

The Old Yew And Rhubarb Crumble

Husb and I are still following our lockdown exercise routine most days, even though the restrictions are much more easy going now. It’s a good system that’s kept us going for the past four months so we might as well keep it up. I stopped to do a charcoal sketch into my Khadi sketchbook ofContinue reading “The Old Yew And Rhubarb Crumble”