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Fair Pay, Cake And Unicorn Sprinkles

8 Aug

NHS Demo

Husb and I went to our local ‘Support the NHS’ demonstration earlier today, highlighting the unfairness of wages for those that only very recently were being clapped and praised by the government. It was well organised, with people being responsible, maintaining a distance, wearing masks, using sanitiser. Demos are always a good opportunity to sketch crowds, not something I find easy because there’s perspective, proportion and people moving around to deal with.

It isn’t fair that people working in health and social care can earn so little. We’d be screwed without them. Demonstrators brought flowers to lay at the foot of the flagpole outside the Guildhall to commemorate NHS workers who have died of Covid19 over the past few months.

Chelsea cake 21

On a happier note, our eldest great niece is 21 today so Husb and I made her a birthday cake – I did the cake, he did the icing. Four layers of rich chocolate almond cake sandwiched and decorated with chocolate buttercream icing, fresh fruit and unicorn sprinkles on the top. She’s got a thing about unicorns.

The Birthday Girl

8 Aug


This evening we celebrated the birthday of a young relative. It was lovely. She volunteered to pose for one of my ‘up-your-nose’ digital drawings. Times like this remind me that, once basic needs are covered, the most important things in life are family and friends. Not fancy schmancy houses or luxury cars, but the people you care for and who care for you. The other thing I realised this evening is how pink so many of my family are. All shades of pink. Like Barbie.

Husb made her a chocolate cake.

chelseas cake




Chelsea’s Chocolate Cake and Jet Lag in the USA

13 Aug

Chelsea's chocolate cake.


I love to make cakes; it’s one of the ways I relax. I don’t particularly like eating cake but I love to feed it to other people. Lots of people ask me to make cakes for them and it’s great to go off into the kitchen and concentrate for an hour or so, breathing in the smell of vanilla sugar and cocoa powder. We’re babysitting our 7 year old nephew this evening and I just introduced him to vanilla sugar. It was love at first sniff. He wants his own jar of it now. I made this cake for our niece Chelsea as a treat after she gained a number of credits in the Children’s University a couple of weeks ago which was really good as she’s only just turned twelve.

Ink Drawing: Jet Lag in the USA.


I did this drawing about 3 years ago when I first visited the USA. I’d never had jetlag before and it was horrible, as you can tell by my expression. On the right you can just make out a crumpled bag of M&Ms – peanut butter flavour. I don’t normally eat chocolate and a friend had asked me to buy them for him but I’d been trying to sleep for about 5 hours and was really frazzled and the jetlag was so bad that I comfort-ate half a bag of them then did this ink drawing with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens into a watercolour sketchbook. Then I was sick! Serves my own right!

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