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The Birthday Girl

8 Aug


This evening we celebrated the birthday of a young relative. It was lovely. She volunteered to pose for one of my ‘up-your-nose’ digital drawings. Times like this remind me that, once basic needs are covered, the most important things in life are family and friends. Not fancy schmancy houses or luxury cars, but the people you care for and who care for you. The other thing I realised this evening is how pink so many of my family are. All shades of pink. Like Barbie.

Husb made her a chocolate cake.

chelseas cake




Creatively Bubbling

16 Aug


faces 2

A new drawing for my upcoming exhibition at Oriel Ceri Richards from Friday August the 21st.


For 2 years the “15 Hundred Lives” art collective that I am part of has been running public access art events monthly at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea’s city centre. Each month we have guest artists working with us and it’s a privilege to have worked with 26 guests since we started and interacted with hundreds and hundreds of visitors, members of the public who have seen us on Facebook or on this blog or in the local paper and have come in to see what it is that artists do all day and how we do it.


This month we celebrated our second birthday and our guests, Jacki Phillips and Melanie Ezra, thrilled our many visitors with their fine art knitting and multi-layered collage respectively. And we had so many people coming in and engaging directly with artists and art in the making. It’s fabulous. We are so committed to demystifying art and making it inclusive and accessible and this great venue, a partnership between University of Wales Trinity Saint Davids and Swansea City Council, is making it happen. I love doing this. I love meeting people and explaining what I’m doing.

Print’s Birthday!

25 Mar

spw 2

It’s Swansea Print Workshop’s 15th anniversary party this coming Friday 27th March from 7pm with a lovely exhibition of original prints from artists who have produced art here throughout our 15 years. There will also be wine and food and cake and our wonderful antique printing presses. Please pop in and bring your friends if you’re in the area.


And then on Saturday the 28th of March, the Swansea Print Workshop is hosting an Open Studio visit, a behind-the-scenes view of a lively print studio. Drop by and see artists / printmakers at work, our vintage and modern presses in action and the hand made prints created at this thriving artist collective between the city and the beach. Family friendly but small children will need to be supervised. From 11.00 am to 4.00 pm

spw 3

Just look at these presses and typeface!



2 Jan


Husb and I are off to a friend’s birthday do soon so I made some cupcakes. Then I scribbled them. The cakes are vanilla sponge with blackcurrant buttercream icing and the drawing is made on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet usin.g a free Magic Marker app.

In Old London Town

9 Mar

20130309_215514Husb has a brand new smart phone so I’m trying to blog from a South London pub where we’re celebrating a friend’s 60th birthday.  I did some scribbling on the tube on the way over and  another in the old pub in Southwark.  This phone is a bit of a pig to use so  that’s all from me.  Goodnight.

Saturday Night Curry

2 Jun

Went for a Saturday Night Curry with a friend and his little girl, to celebrate his birthday. Best birthday present if you ask me. The food always takes a while at The Vojon, but it’s worth the wait because it’s lovely. They take good care of children too. I sketched the little one peeking from behind the glasses and dishes. She’s a tiny little thing with huge eyes. Once again, I have a problem drawing children because the proportions are so weird; they STILL look like aliens to me. Albeit quite cute aliens. There was a HUGE man in the background with virtually no neck.

I drew it into my little A6 sketchbook, the cat-themed one by Paperblanks [Mediterranean Cats] which I had for Xmas. Only a few pages before I finish it.

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