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Sprog Scribbles

21 Oct


I have a regular babysitting gig each week, with a small nephew and I try to get some scribbling done. Trouble is, sprogs are notoriously mobile, he doesn’t stop wriggling, crawling and moving, so he’s not the ideal model. Still, it’s good practice in speed drawing and one day – one day – I’ll get a decent drawing of him. Babies have very weird proportions – they’re little aliens really.

Sprogs In Sketchbooks

12 Jun

I’ve been flicking through some of my old sketchbooks again, finding things I’d forgotten about. There are quite a lot of drawings of sprogs.

23 sprogs 2


They’re weird little creatures to draw, looking simultaneously like aliens and cartoons.

A Cluster Of Heads…

8 Jun

I’ve been flipping through old sketchbooks, reminding myself of work I’d forgotten about. I came across a cluster of heads in one that I’d bought from the Tate gallery in London. Nice sketchbook. I like drawing heads and faces, but children’s faces are so difficult. The younger they are, the more they look like an alien life form. There’s a mixture of media here, graphite, charcoal pencil, Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen and biro (ballpoint).

Cube Head And Bright-eyed Aliens

21 Nov
cubehead 1

A Cubehead, based on a photograph by Kathryn Trussler


Husb and I went to Santa’s Parade in Swansea’s City Centre on Sunday evening. I thought the best float and costumes were the ones with @Swansea2021, our city’s bid to be UK City of Culture in 4 years time. Lots of artists made costumes to go along with the float, which was a gigantic mirrored cube on the back of a lorry, very effective. Which is why the artists became Cubeheads.


bright eyes

The @Swansea2021 Cube and bright-eyed aliens turn out for Santa. Photograph by Melvyn Williams.


I drew from a photograph by artist Kathryn Trussler into my A5 lined notebook, the Cat’s Meow Journal by Peter Pauper Press using a biro (ballpoint pen).

Drawing Aliens

22 Oct


Sprogs still here and I’m still trying to draw them. It’s easy enough getting them to pose – just stick them in front of the computer or playstation and they stay quiet. If they start fidgeting, give them sweets. I’m still struggling with their impossibly huge heads, little snub noses and massive eyes. They’re aliens really.

Drawn with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using the Magic Marker app.

Saturday Night Curry

2 Jun

Went for a Saturday Night Curry with a friend and his little girl, to celebrate his birthday. Best birthday present if you ask me. The food always takes a while at The Vojon, but it’s worth the wait because it’s lovely. They take good care of children too. I sketched the little one peeking from behind the glasses and dishes. She’s a tiny little thing with huge eyes. Once again, I have a problem drawing children because the proportions are so weird; they STILL look like aliens to me. Albeit quite cute aliens. There was a HUGE man in the background with virtually no neck.

I drew it into my little A6 sketchbook, the cat-themed one by Paperblanks [Mediterranean Cats] which I had for Xmas. Only a few pages before I finish it.

An Alien at the Bottom of Wind Street

8 Sep

Ink drawing: Alien at the Bottom of Wind Street.

I drew this alien as I was walking home from the supermarket. They appeared suddenly all over Swansea and this one is at the bottom of Wind Street by the old subway which is now filled in. It eyeballed me as I turned the corner so I stopped and eyeballed it back and did this ink sketch. Some people say that the Council put them there for people to stub out cigarettes and dispose of chewing gum. But that’s just a cover. They’re aliens really and they’re just waiting…………

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