Knitting For Wildlife

  I’ve just started knitting a Joey pouch to fit a small kangaroo rescued from the Australian fires. There’s an international group on Facebook co-ordinating the making of pouches, nests, beds, baskets, bird jumpers, bat wraps, koala mittens and hanging bags and there’s a local group too for the Swansea area. I’m knitting this withContinue reading “Knitting For Wildlife”

My Mitts

I just finished knitting my new fingerless mitts. I blogged about them about a week ago, when I was still working on the first and now they’re done, purpose made for cold outdoor sketching sessions in the 2016. Sparta Puss did her best to ‘help’ me and took it as a personal affront when IContinue reading “My Mitts”

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Or a change is as good as a rest. I’m arted out! I wanted to have a break so I started knitting. I’m making some fingerless mittens, very useful for someone who does a lot of outdoor scribbling in all weathers. You can find the pattern here, from another blogger, Crafty Little Sewnsew. I’m usingContinue reading “And Now For Something Completely Different!”

Creatively Bubbling

    For 2 years the “15 Hundred Lives” art collective that I am part of has been running public access art events monthly at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea’s city centre. Each month we have guest artists working with us and it’s a privilege to have worked with 26 guests since we startedContinue reading “Creatively Bubbling”

Stitched Up

First day of the new year and I’m laid up with a nasty cold and there’s torrential rain and gale force winds outside and there’s loads of houswork and DIY to be done. Feels like life has stitched me up. Anyway, no time for any new art today because after all the stuff I hadContinue reading “Stitched Up”

The Icelandic Hat

Just over a year ago, Husb and I were striding across glaciers in Iceland. Husb had forgotten to take a winter hat with him and he bought a locally made, hand knitted traditional hat. He dug it out this week because the weather has been so bad, so I nabbed him for a scribble onContinue reading “The Icelandic Hat”

Speedy Sketches With Seconds To Spare.

I carry a little sketchbook with me at all times [even in the bath lol] and it’s good discipline to take it out and sketch whatever is in front of you, at random. It means that you can’t be too precious about what you’re drawing and also you have to capture the essence of theContinue reading “Speedy Sketches With Seconds To Spare.”

Just a Quickie

  Just a very quick blog tonight because I’ve been at the studio all day then I was working at the opening of the exhibition at The Brunswick all evening and just got back home. Here’s a sketch I did a couple of years ago at The Green Man Festival in Usk, a beautiful partContinue reading “Just a Quickie”