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Knitting For Wildlife

9 Jan

knitting for wildlife


I’ve just started knitting a Joey pouch to fit a small kangaroo rescued from the Australian fires. There’s an international group on Facebook co-ordinating the making of pouches, nests, beds, baskets, bird jumpers, bat wraps, koala mittens and hanging bags and there’s a local group too for the Swansea area. I’m knitting this with some spare pure wool (DK in the UK, 8 ply in Australia) and a set of 4mm knitting needles. There’s a list of instructions in the Files section on Animal Rescue Craft Guild Facebook page for knitting, crochet and sewing. If you have a few hours to spare, maybe you’d like to make one.


knitting for wildlife header

My Mitts

1 Jan

knitted mitts

I just finished knitting my new fingerless mitts. I blogged about them about a week ago, when I was still working on the first and now they’re done, purpose made for cold outdoor sketching sessions in the 2016. Sparta Puss did her best to ‘help’ me and took it as a personal affront when I took my wool back off her 😀

And Now For Something Completely Different!

23 Dec


Or a change is as good as a rest. I’m arted out! I wanted to have a break so I started knitting. I’m making some fingerless mittens, very useful for someone who does a lot of outdoor scribbling in all weathers. You can find the pattern here, from another blogger, Crafty Little Sewnsew. I’m using some lovely natural wool from the gorgeous Trefriw Woollen Mill in North Wales, which uses water from the River Crafnant to drive the turbines to weave beautiful traditional Welsh tweed. It’s been operating for nearly 2 centuries, most of that time it’s been owned by the same family. Sparta Puss has been helping me. Not!

Creatively Bubbling

16 Aug


faces 2

A new drawing for my upcoming exhibition at Oriel Ceri Richards from Friday August the 21st.


For 2 years the “15 Hundred Lives” art collective that I am part of has been running public access art events monthly at the Creative Bubble artspace in Swansea’s city centre. Each month we have guest artists working with us and it’s a privilege to have worked with 26 guests since we started and interacted with hundreds and hundreds of visitors, members of the public who have seen us on Facebook or on this blog or in the local paper and have come in to see what it is that artists do all day and how we do it.


This month we celebrated our second birthday and our guests, Jacki Phillips and Melanie Ezra, thrilled our many visitors with their fine art knitting and multi-layered collage respectively. And we had so many people coming in and engaging directly with artists and art in the making. It’s fabulous. We are so committed to demystifying art and making it inclusive and accessible and this great venue, a partnership between University of Wales Trinity Saint Davids and Swansea City Council, is making it happen. I love doing this. I love meeting people and explaining what I’m doing.

Stitched Up

1 Jan

subversive stitch

First day of the new year and I’m laid up with a nasty cold and there’s torrential rain and gale force winds outside and there’s loads of houswork and DIY to be done. Feels like life has stitched me up. Anyway, no time for any new art today because after all the stuff I had to get on with, the choice was do a drawing or watch the new episode of Sherlock on BBC1. Sherlock won.

So I settled on this drawing that I did at the Green Man festival a couple of summers ago, remembering the sunshine. The original is in my sketchbook but this is a reworking on top of a solvent transfer print I did from a digital photograph that I have altered in Adobe Photoshop. This woman was on the main field, enjoying the music and knitting at the same time. Cool.

This piece is being exhibited at The Brunswick in Swansea until early March.

The Icelandic Hat

31 Dec


Just over a year ago, Husb and I were striding across glaciers in Iceland. Husb had forgotten to take a winter hat with him and he bought a locally made, hand knitted traditional hat. He dug it out this week because the weather has been so bad, so I nabbed him for a scribble on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet using the Magic Marker app.

It’s been a strange year, coming to terms with the loss of a much loved family member and sometimes it’s been quite a struggle,but drawing and blogging every day has been a good focus for me. I hope that everyone has a happy and fulfilling year ahead.

Speedy Sketches With Seconds To Spare.

8 Jan

Ink sketch on the New York subway.

I carry a little sketchbook with me at all times [even in the bath lol] and it’s good discipline to take it out and sketch whatever is in front of you, at random. It means that you can’t be too precious about what you’re drawing and also you have to capture the essence of the drawing very quickly because you don’t know when it’s going to change. I’ve visited New York City a few times and it’s a great place to draw, although I avoid the temptation to draw famous landmarks because it’s been done so many times before. I did this little sketch of the two lads on the New York subway very quickly. They were teenagers and full of energy so they kept moving about and I had to ‘get’ them in just a few lines. Faber Castell Pitt pen into an A6 spiral-bound Cotman watercolour sketchpad. I went through a phase of drawing into watercolour pads: I’d like to say it was for artistic reasons but to be honest, they were selling them very cheaply at the time in a local discount store.


Ink sketch in East Harlem.


Another time, I was visiting the New York International Print Fair with another artist and we were staying in a little hostel in East Harlem – very interesting place with lovely South American food. She was waiting for a take-away meal and I wandered outside. It was about 7pm and this elderly lady was taking her elderly dog for a walk along the street. Both of them were wearing knitted jumpers to keep out the October chill. I quickly drew them at different stages of their stroll, again in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen but this time into a rather nice A6 ‘postcard’ sketchbook that I bought at the Tate Modern gallery shop before I went to the USA. I filled it with drawings as a present for my husband instead of sending him commercial postcards.

Just a Quickie

21 Sep

Ink Drawing: Knitting at the Green Man Festival.


Just a very quick blog tonight because I’ve been at the studio all day then I was working at the opening of the exhibition at The Brunswick all evening and just got back home. Here’s a sketch I did a couple of years ago at The Green Man Festival in Usk, a beautiful part of Wales. Very laid back festival, this lady had positioned her chair on the main field and knitted throughout the set. Patterned socks they seemed to be.



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