In The Dog House

Sparta Puss is in the dog house. She ran in yesterday evening with a live rat. And let it loose in the house. Not big and not funny. Husb dealt with it. If I didn’t have Husb, I’d have to get a Jack Russell because Sparta Puss does this often. She’s curfewed from evening toContinue reading “In The Dog House”

The Making Of A Pandemic Painting

Here’s a short video, under 5 minutes, showing how I made this family Zoom painting, “18 people, 2 Dogs and a Cat”, from floundering at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, through 9 months of faking famous paintings, to my first large scale original painting reflecting our family’s response to the pandemic. It’s subtitledContinue reading “The Making Of A Pandemic Painting”

#Caturday (And #Doggyday)

Here are the family pets from my big painting “Eighteen People, Two Dogs And A Cat”. I painted from screengrabs from our Zoom weekly family quizzes. I tried to keep the paintings close to the actual images as they appeared on the computer, all sorts of weird things happening. My cat looks a bit madContinue reading “#Caturday (And #Doggyday)”


Finished! My second original painting since I did Foundation Course at Swansea Art College way back in the 1970s. I’m calling it “Eighteen People, Two Dogs And A Cat” and it’s based on my family’s weekly pandemic Zoom quiz, which has been helping us to stay in touch and to stay sane, if I’m honest.Continue reading “Finished!”

Working Upside Down

My Family Zoom painting is nearly finished but I was getting a bit stuck with the final touches so I turned it upside down, and the source photos too. Sometimes, when you’ve been working on an artwork for a while, you get to a point where you can’t see the wood for the trees andContinue reading “Working Upside Down”

Looming Large ….

When I look at the big picture, it doesn’t look like I’ve done that much today, but I’ve been concentrating on the details of the little panels, working up layers and layers of translucent and transparent Liquitex acrylic paints. I don’t have much more to do now, a bit more work on some of theContinue reading “Looming Large ….”

Never Any Trouble, Until Now….

My family Zoom painting has 18 people, 2 dogs and a cat and mostly it’s been not too difficult to do, but one or two of the images have been very challenging. This young relative has been exceptionally hard – I’ve really struggled. The angle of the camera, the lighting, the definition, the position ofContinue reading “Never Any Trouble, Until Now….”

The Cat Looks Bonkers

I’m really cracking on with this big painting now. I hope that a couple more good spurts of activity should get it finished. I concentrated on getting some of the finer features in their place and doing a bit of work on the three animals. The cat looks bonkers. Nothing new there. A Chance ToContinue reading “The Cat Looks Bonkers”

Connecting family

I did some more work on my great big “Family” painting today, based on our weekly Zoom quiz. We’ve been doing it since early in the first lockdown and we’re connecting family in South Wales, North England and Australia. And our pets 😀 I did some more work on people’s features, and also did someContinue reading “Connecting family”

17 People, 2 Dogs And A Cat!

I carried on with my big painting today, working in more of the building blocks of the images. Some of them are pretty spot on but some are really difficult to do as I can’t get my head around the distortion caused by the computer screens and I’m falling into the trap of painting whatContinue reading “17 People, 2 Dogs And A Cat!”