In The Dog House

Sparta Puss is in the dog house. She ran in yesterday evening with a live rat. And let it loose in the house. Not big and not funny. Husb dealt with it. If I didn’t have Husb, I’d have to get a Jack Russell because Sparta Puss does this often. She’s curfewed from evening toContinue reading “In The Dog House”

Zooming Tonight

Just finished the weekly family Zoom quiz. We’re almost out of lockdown but it’s still nice to meet up and we’re not all living in the same city anyway, so we wouldn’t see this much of each other in the ‘real’ world. Just a very quick scribble with a ballpoint pen over a double pageContinue reading “Zooming Tonight”

The Cat Looks Bonkers

I’m really cracking on with this big painting now. I hope that a couple more good spurts of activity should get it finished. I concentrated on getting some of the finer features in their place and doing a bit of work on the three animals. The cat looks bonkers. Nothing new there. A Chance ToContinue reading “The Cat Looks Bonkers”