Scribbling On Zoom

I was at a Zoom meeting this evening and I had a bit of a scribble, with a ballpoint pen onto my lined notepad. Just a quick one to keep my hand in. I like the proportions of the Zoom box, that elongated landscape format. A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks I haveContinue reading “Scribbling On Zoom”

Background Painting

I carried on working on the background in my family zoom quiz painting, putting in the bit of the living room I could see over the upper edge of my laptop. I like it better than my original idea of having the individual ‘boxes’ just hanging in blackness. A Chance To Own One Of MyContinue reading “Background Painting”

I Thought I’d Finished …. I Was Wrong

I decided to do some more work on the big Family Pandemic Zoom Quiz painting I (thought I’d) completed earlier in the year. The original had a plain black border, but in reality the laptop sits on my lap (the clue’s in the name) and I can see part of my living room over theContinue reading “I Thought I’d Finished …. I Was Wrong”

The Making Of A Pandemic Painting

Here’s a short video, under 5 minutes, showing how I made this family Zoom painting, “18 people, 2 Dogs and a Cat”, from floundering at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, through 9 months of faking famous paintings, to my first large scale original painting reflecting our family’s response to the pandemic. It’s subtitledContinue reading “The Making Of A Pandemic Painting”

17 People, 2 Dogs And A Cat!

I carried on with my big painting today, working in more of the building blocks of the images. Some of them are pretty spot on but some are really difficult to do as I can’t get my head around the distortion caused by the computer screens and I’m falling into the trap of painting whatContinue reading “17 People, 2 Dogs And A Cat!”

Practising The Weird

I decided to do some little charcoal studies onto paper for the big painting I’m working on, to practice the images before I commit them to canvas. There are lots of heads in the painting which look a bit weird because they’re on a computer screen. According to Husb this causes wide angle lens distortion.Continue reading “Practising The Weird”

Sketching The Details

I started sketching in some of the details onto my underpainting today, using willow charcoal as it’s easy to wipe off when you make a mistake. At this stage I’m just getting the features more or less in place rather than getting a perfect likeness because that’s going to be done later, probably the lastContinue reading “Sketching The Details”


I carried on with my new big painting today, it’s slow work, there will be many more layers of paint. It’s going to be about our family Zoom quiz that we have every week, since early in the first lockdown. The quiz connects family across South Wales, Cumbria and Australia and it’s so brilliant. I’veContinue reading “Weirdness”

Zoom, Lino Cuts And Digital Exclusion

Today was a mixed bag with Zoom meetings (how quickly have we taken to Zoom?), an allotment visit, finished cutting a small lino block and marked up two more, made soup and biscuits and then had an hysterical family ‘pub’ quiz on Zoom. It’s been so good to be able to keep in touch throughContinue reading “Zoom, Lino Cuts And Digital Exclusion”