Connecting family

I did some more work on my great big “Family” painting today, based on our weekly Zoom quiz. We’ve been doing it since early in the first lockdown and we’re connecting family in South Wales, North England and Australia. And our pets 😀 I did some more work on people’s features, and also did someContinue reading “Connecting family”

17 People, 2 Dogs And A Cat!

I carried on with my big painting today, working in more of the building blocks of the images. Some of them are pretty spot on but some are really difficult to do as I can’t get my head around the distortion caused by the computer screens and I’m falling into the trap of painting whatContinue reading “17 People, 2 Dogs And A Cat!”

Practising The Weird

I decided to do some little charcoal studies onto paper for the big painting I’m working on, to practice the images before I commit them to canvas. There are lots of heads in the painting which look a bit weird because they’re on a computer screen. According to Husb this causes wide angle lens distortion.Continue reading “Practising The Weird”

Sketching The Details

I started sketching in some of the details onto my underpainting today, using willow charcoal as it’s easy to wipe off when you make a mistake. At this stage I’m just getting the features more or less in place rather than getting a perfect likeness because that’s going to be done later, probably the lastContinue reading “Sketching The Details”

Kitty Scribbles

Had one of those bitty days today. I carried on carving small lino blocks and as a bit of light relief I had a quick scribble with willow charcoal as Sparta Puss was lazing around. She has a houseful of beds, comfy chairs, cushions as well as a sunny garden bench with a blanket justContinue reading “Kitty Scribbles”

My Cat Is A Chonky Cat

It’s pouring down and there are floods locally, so I’m not going on my government-sanctioned lockdown walk today. Which means I won’t be going to the park to draw some dramatic trees. So I grabbed some willow charcoal and scribbled my cat instead. Looking at her objectively, I think the vet might be right, sheContinue reading “My Cat Is A Chonky Cat”

Pandemic Portrait – Willow Charcoal

  So today I did a bit more work on the portrait I started yesterday, working from a photo. I developed the image with willow carcoal, putting in the shadows by squinting my eyes. I’m using willow charcoal at the moment because it’s easy to rub out mistakes. Once I’m happy that I’ve got theContinue reading “Pandemic Portrait – Willow Charcoal”

The Greyhound’s Kennel

This is the first of the ancient stone monuments I drew a couple of days ago when I was trekking around muddy Carmarthenshire with an archaeologist and a film maker. The Welsh name is Twlc Y Filiast which translates as the Kennel of the (female) Greyhound, but the monument is also known as Arthur’s TableContinue reading “The Greyhound’s Kennel”

The Curate’s Egg

Tonight’s life drawing is like the Curate’s egg – good in parts. I had the most horrific foreshortening on the left hand. no matter how many times I measured it, the darn thing looked badly drawn. I used Winsor & Newton’s willow charcoal and white conte crayon onto a piece of Fabriano Accademica that IContinue reading “The Curate’s Egg”

Emerging Patterns

I’m continuing to work with the paper I marbled earlier in the week, squinting and staring at the random shapes and letting them form into something that makes some sort of sense. I read recently that artists may see patterns in things more readily than other people. It didn’t take me long to see theContinue reading “Emerging Patterns”