Pandemic Portrait – Willow Charcoal

7 May

Bernard 3


So today I did a bit more work on the portrait I started yesterday, working from a photo. I developed the image with willow carcoal, putting in the shadows by squinting my eyes. I’m using willow charcoal at the moment because it’s easy to rub out mistakes. Once I’m happy that I’ve got the drawing the way I want it, I’ll fix it and then work over it in compressed charcoal. But that’s not for today…..

2 Responses to “Pandemic Portrait – Willow Charcoal”

  1. Bernard Mitchell May 8, 2020 at 13:15 #

    Hi Rose, you have done well to capture the serious nature of the photographer, I’m well known for saying people don’t smile in my pictures, they seldom do, so thank you for all the work so far, and I hope we will meet again when we emerge from this pickle. Diolch yn fawr Ioan, Bernard.


    • Rosie Scribblah May 18, 2020 at 11:20 #

      Thank you for posing for me Bernard. It’s interesting for me to work from a photograph, but it’s something I increasingly have to do at the moment. Looking forward to getting back on the arty scene after lockdown 😀

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