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A Big Box Of Pencils

13 Jan


tracing 3

I did a bit more work on my next woodcut today, making a tracing from my original drawing to transfer the image onto the wood block. I used a thick charcoal pencil for the tracing because I have to turn the tracing paper over to reverse the image onto the wood. Once the reversed image was in place, I drew over the thick charcoal lines using a smaller 2H pencil which gave a fairly fine line. Finally I took the tracing paper off the MDF and went over the faint trace lines with a B pencil, which gives good definition without being too smudgy. I have a big box of pencils. It’s really nice.

tracing 5

I bought the box at a very reasonable price from the Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick in The Lake District. It’s a fabulous little gem of a museum, so informative and a great place for graphite geeks to hang out. Just outside Keswick is an old graphite mine, which is why the pencil industry took root there. And it has a factory shop, with cut-price pencils and boxes!

From left to right: tracing over the original drawing; the tracing reversed onto the block of MDF; going over the faint trace lines with a darker pencil.

A Long, Hard Day

10 Mar


Had a very long day, travelling to Birmingham and leaving at 6am. Arrived back home 14 hours later. First stop was at the visa office to submit my paperwork for a very exciting trip I’m planning for next month – more to come on that. We had enough time to drive into the city centre to visit the most excellent Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, or BMAG. We saw one of the best collections of Pre-Raphaelites anywhere; Grayson Perry’s ‘The Vanity Of Small Differences‘ and a lovely collection of Japanese antique woodcuts, netsukes and laquerwork. All for FREE! The museum is huge and we only saw a fraction of their collections. We took half an hour for tea and scones in the magnificent Edwardian tea room where I did this very quick scribble, using a 2B pencil into my little A6 spotty sketchbook.

Good Hare Day

21 Jan

21 hare pencil

Back to some focussed wildlife studies. More hares. I like this one. It’s in proportion. It’s a good hare. Drawn with Derwent pencils, B and 3B into an A6 sketchbook.


15 Jan

15 hare 1

15 hare 2

15 hare 3

Practice makes perfect. So I’ve been drawing and redrawing the little hare from the digital drawing I did yesterday. I’m doing these in Reeves pencils, B and 3B into my new little spotty sketchbook. It’s size A6 and my chum and fellow blogger, Melanie Ezra, brought it back from New York City for me. Here it is.

15 spottyIt’s cute. There’s a reason I’m doing all these practice sketches. There’ll be lots more to come over the next few days………

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