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Rain, Rest And A Little Darling

24 May


Last night was the opening of the Commensalis group show at The Octagon in Fringe Arts Bath. Husb and I went up for the opening night and took in some of the other venues as well – more than 40 shows in 15 venues until June the 8th and all for free! The traffic back was terrible and we didn’t get home until well past midnight. I’ve never seen so many cars coming over the Severn Bridge. It’s good that so many people are coming to Wales for the holiday weekend, but look at the awful weather they’ve come to. Mind you, it’s just as bad in England – typical British Bank Holiday weather.

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So Husb and I have had a quiet day. I’ve been working flat out since I came back from my residency in Pakistan, and I worked flat out while I was there, so today was a little lazy break. But drawing practice must go on. So I turned to The Fox Project on Facebook again and scribbled this little darling. He’s called Ben. He still has some of the fuzzy black baby fur on his face, with the typical ginger fur starting to show.

Foxy Again

21 May


End of a long day and I haven’t done a drawing so I found one of my favourite Facebook groups, The Fox Project and did a digital sketch using one of the fox pictures as a reference. I drew into my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8, using the Marker free app.

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24 Mar

hare 1hare 2

I cut these little lino blocks of running hares a few weeks ago. Now I’ve done some proof prints. I’m pleased with them so I’ll print up an edition.

hare right hare leftI’ve used black oil-based litho/relief ink onto a Japanese hand-made lightweight paper. I’ll probably do an edition of about 30 of each.

Saucer Eyes

18 Mar


Another day stuck behind a computer, phoning, going to meetings …… it’s a good job that I’ve committed to producing an artblog each day otherwise I’d never get any artwork done! I popped over to The Fox Project again for a look at their photos and came across a little cub with huge saucer eyes. Fox cubs also have impossibly huge ears. Just a quick scribble into my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with a free Markers app.

Fox And Frustration

17 Mar

It’s been a frustrating day. I’ve been searching for airfares online since lunchtime and I’m sick of the sight of the computer! I haven’t done anything creative so I searched the photos of one of my favourite Facebook sites, The Fox Project.

I had a quick scribble. Here it is.


And now to bed. Goodnight. 🙂


Hares And Colombians

3 Mar

hare 1hare 2

I’ve been doing a lot of drawings from British wildlife photos and I’ve started to cut little lino blocks from them. I’ll be taking these to Swansea Print Workshop soon to ink them up and print them on the old Columbian Press, one of my favourite pieces of machinery. I’ll probably use an oil-based relief/litho ink in black onto a white Japanese paper and limit the editions to 30 or 40 each.

hare 3

Here’s a Colombian, isn’t it lush? The one at the print workshop dates from 1855. I love antique machinery and tools.

Colombian Press


Anxious Cub

1 Mar

1393710234929Carrying on with some digital practice from photographs of foxes, I found an image of a rather anxious cub. Like all young animals, the eyes are much larger than adults while the faces are smaller and the distance between the nose and eyes is more compact. To find the source photos, I’ve just been googling British – fox – images and I’ve been shocked that there are a few horrible ones. Very upsetting. I can’t understand why people want to show off their cruelty. Barbaric.

This is drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 using a free Markers app. I’ve laid down a mottled background before drawing and made several saves to produce a slideshow.

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Foxy Finale

28 Feb


I’ve been taking part in a Facebook daily drawing challenge for February and this is the last one. The month’s flown by. I’ve done quite a bit of practice on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and also been practicing drawing British wildlife from Internet stock photos. I’ve enjoyed it and I’ll probably carry on for a while longer. During the month I discovered how to do a slide show with the Galaxy, showing the development of some of my drawings, almost animations.

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hmmm…….animation…….there’s an idea………..


27 Feb

Today was one bureaucratic mess! I’ve been planning something really big for months now and I was hoping to make it public today but bureaucracy has gotten in the way and I have to spend more time getting paperwork and forms together and travelling hundreds of miles to get the documentation I need. Pain in the neck!

So I’ve just had a nice cup of chamomile tea to calm me down, a toasted teacake to cheer me up (with Welsh farm salted butter, of course) and I sketched a fox. Quickly. And now goodnight 🙂



The Quick Brown Fox

26 Feb

1393454448720I’ve no idea if the fox is quick – but the drawing is. It’s getting late and I need to blog quickly so here’s a speedy digital sketch done on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I used an Internet stock photo as the subject. I put in a background using several layers of light colours then scribbled away.

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