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First Nude Of The Year

15 Jan

jan 5

Back to life drawing sessions at Swansea Print Workshop last night, the first of the year but I only stayed for the first hour because I went off to see The Good, The Bad And The Ugly at Swansea’s newest cinema, Cinema & Co – I’d forgotten what a brilliant film it is.

Anyway, I ended up getting the most foreshortened view possible of our model – oh joy. I’m rusty because I’ve had a few weeks off, well about a month, so this was a challenge. I recorded it on my digital phone as I went along so you can see all the mistakes!



I drew into an A2 sketchbook made up of brown paper and used white chalk and Winsor & Newton willow charcoal. The brown paper provides a handy mid-tone. Our model is an older man, so interesting to draw.

From January 15th to February 8th, with some of my installations and lino prints in Penarth

From January 15th to February 8th, with some of my installations and lino prints in Penarth’s Pavilion Pier Gallery

And if you’re in Penarth in the next couple of weeks, please visit the Penarth Pier Pavilion Gallery where there’s a joint exhibition of work from Swansea and Cardiff Print Workshops, including some print installations I recently worked on and some of my lino prints.

Hare Cuts

26 Jan

26 print progress

*Groan*, another bad hare pun! I’m using some of the wildlife sketches I’ve done to develop some very simple lino blocks that will be printed up into smallish editions in the next few weeks. I’ve just made a start on the first one. I’ve hand drawn the hare onto the lino, using my original sketch as a guide and I’ve started cutting around the outer edge with a small gouge.

You can see my ‘slipstrop’ in the picture; it’s a leather sharpening block which uses a yellow polishing compound on its surface. I give my tools a couple of strokes on the strop after every 4 or 5 cuts to keep them sharp. Underneath is my bench hook; that’s what I cut the blocks on as they can be held firmly while I cut into them. The sharp tools can give nasty cuts if they slip, so a bench hook is a vital piece of equipment.



Dark Lady

6 Aug


I’ve spent a couple of days cataloguing my work, a task I’ve been putting off for ages. I’ve rediscovered pieces I’d completely forgotten about, like this block print I made some years ago. I went through a phase of cutting nudes in lino and then went off it. I don’t  know why. Now I’ve found this again I really like it. Printed onto Zercoll 145 gsm paper with Intaglio Printmaker relief ink.

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