Drawing In The Dark

Just back from the cinema with Husb, we went to see Their Finest, a lovey film, funny, warm and you’ll need a hankie. I had a scribble, of course, but in the dark. I could make out shapes of heads but couldn’t see the sketchbook. Frustrating.It’s good practice though, even if the result looks likeContinue reading “Drawing In The Dark”

Sat With The Cat

I’ve been very slack about using my sketchbook and have fallen out of the habit of using it every day. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any art, I’ve been immersed in drawing and printmaking projects but it hasn’t left me much time to sketch. So this evening, after Husb and I came backContinue reading “Sat With The Cat”

First Nude Of The Year

Back to life drawing sessions at Swansea Print Workshop last night, the first of the year but I only stayed for the first hour because I went off to see The Good, The Bad And The Ugly at Swansea’s newest cinema, Cinema & Co – I’d forgotten what a brilliant film it is. Anyway, IContinue reading “First Nude Of The Year”

Ecstasy And Male Pattern Baldness

Husb and I went off to Cardiff last night to the cinema to see Julien Temple‘s new film, The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson, a truly amazing film about the legendary Doctor Feelgood guitarist. Extraordinary. We arrived a bit early so I did some scribbling in the auditorium. There were a lot of men with notContinue reading “Ecstasy And Male Pattern Baldness”

Scribble At The Pictures

I’ve had a rough few days with a stomach bug and not felt up to doing anything creative, not even some sketching, but today Husb and I treated ourselves to a visit to the cinema to see Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Loved it! I did a quick scribble before the main feature started. Looking alongContinue reading “Scribble At The Pictures”

Scribbles At The Pictures

Husb and I went to the pictures this morning to see the new Russell Crowe film, The Water Diviner. It’s a very good film, quite sad, a one-and-a-half-hanky film. I can cope with that much crying, but anything more than a three hanky film is one I won’t watch again. I had a quick scribbleContinue reading “Scribbles At The Pictures”

Seconds And Minutes

Husb and I are just back from seeing the marvellous film ‘Set Fire To The Stars‘ at the Taliesin Arts Centre, followed by a Q&A session from one of the film’s leads, Celyn Jones. A great night out. I did some very speedy sketches in the bar before we went in. These were done inContinue reading “Seconds And Minutes”

Teen Ager

Husb and I went with Teenage Niece to see the film Effie Gray this evening at the Taliesin Arts Centre. Excellent film, I was gripped from the start and Dakota Fanning put in a marvellous performance. Managed to do a quick scribble of Teenage Niece afterwards. It had to be quick because she pulls facesContinue reading “Teen Ager”

Testament of Youth

Husb and I went to see the new film based on Vera Brittain’s book, ‘Testament of Youth’ this morning. Deeply moving, I cried buckets but don’t let that put you off. It’s a beautiful film and well worth seeing. Just be sure to take hankies. We sat between 2 couples, one in their 20s andContinue reading “Testament of Youth”