Onto The Next Block ……

As one art project comes to an end, the next one gets started. I’m cutting a new little lino block – something for International Womens’ Day #IWD2020 . I’m using hard brown lino and I’ll fix the block to a stamp base that I bought in the Modular store in Berlin a while back. AndContinue reading “Onto The Next Block ……”

A Bit Stiff

Husb and I paid a rare visit to a pub yesterday evening to see a live band, Carreg Llafar,  who play contemporary folk in the Welsh language. Being a rock chick, I’m not a big fan of folk music but I make an exception for Carreg Llafar who bring authenticity and atmosphere to traditional music.Continue reading “A Bit Stiff”

At The Bus Stop

I had a bit of a scribble when I was waiting for the bus yesterday. I had 10 minutes or so to kill and that’s enough for a bit of street drawing. A while back I finished all the pages in my leather steampunk sketchbook so I replaced the pages with scraps of paper leftContinue reading “At The Bus Stop”

Recycled Sketchbook

I’ve had this handmade leather Steampunk style sketchbook for ages and used up all the paper a while ago. Its simple design meant that I could remove its innards and replace them with new (old) paper. I have loads of bits of paper left over from drawing or printmaking projects, some plain, some covered withContinue reading “Recycled Sketchbook”

Big Pants, Burkini And The Nightwalker

Another glorious day, temperature around 30 Celsius, a heatwave!!! Husb and I went down to the beach again this evening, when it had cooled off a little and for the first time in years I went into the sea for a splash about. I can’t swim and our summers are usually so miserable that IContinue reading “Big Pants, Burkini And The Nightwalker”

Scribbling Sparta Puss

I haven’t been doing drawings in my sketchbook regularly for a while, so back to basics today with this sketch of Sparta Puss who occupies the footstool almost permanently. I drew with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen into a leather-bound, Steampunk style sketchbook. Richard The Bird, our family Senegal parrot, stayed a few daysContinue reading “Scribbling Sparta Puss”

Ecstasy And Male Pattern Baldness

Husb and I went off to Cardiff last night to the cinema to see Julien Temple‘s new film, The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson, a truly amazing film about the legendary Doctor Feelgood guitarist. Extraordinary. We arrived a bit early so I did some scribbling in the auditorium. There were a lot of men with notContinue reading “Ecstasy And Male Pattern Baldness”

In The Beginning

  I’ve been invited to take part in a collaboration between artists in Swansea and across the meltwater in North Devon. I’m starting to plan a new piece of work for it, probably an installation in cyanotype if it works out. I’m beginning with some sketching en plein air so today I took a walkContinue reading “In The Beginning”

The Tiniest Scribble

Today was hectic. So packed I didn’t have time to think. I only managed a tiny little sketch, a few fleeting minutes in a cafe. But any drawing is good. The important thing is to do it every day. In my opinion. I used a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen into my A5 leatherbound SteampunkContinue reading “The Tiniest Scribble”

Felafels And Rain

I’ve spent a long day hunched over a computer, from 9 am to 7.30 this evening, doing business stuff. I was hoping to have a workout on the gym on the beach but the heavens opened this evening and I wimped out. I did a bit of yoga in the living room and watched tellyContinue reading “Felafels And Rain”