The Final Touch

  The mixed media print I’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks is now finished! I did the final touches this evening. “Dragon’s Revenge” is designed by Jamie Reid and commissioned by GS Artists and is a combination of archival digital print (the pale blue background and the word DRAGONS), screenprint (theContinue reading “The Final Touch”

Onto The Next Block ……

As one art project comes to an end, the next one gets started. I’m cutting a new little lino block – something for International Womens’ Day #IWD2020 . I’m using hard brown lino and I’ll fix the block to a stamp base that I bought in the Modular store in Berlin a while back. AndContinue reading “Onto The Next Block ……”

Nearly There…

  I used my sweet little antique press today to carry on printing a little lino block. Here’s a closer view of the cast iron press, which is probably early Victorian and made in London, by Sampson Mordan & Co. These are often called bookbinding or nipping presses but it’s possibly one of the veryContinue reading “Nearly There…”

A Sharp Tool And A Strop

When I’m cutting blocks for printmaking, whether it’s lino, vinyl, wood or foamboard it’s vitally important to keep my tools sharp. Once a tool goes blunt it’s a dickens of a job to sharpen it again. Sharpening your tools as you work slows you down a bit but it is more efficient than sharpening toolsContinue reading “A Sharp Tool And A Strop”


I’m onto the messy stages of screenprinting now … squeegeeing ink through the stencil on the silk mesh on to the paper below. I’m almost half way through the edition, hope to have it finished by the end of the week.   Here’s a short video of me using the vacuum screenpress to print theContinue reading “Messy!”

Step By Step

  Building a screenprint step by step. It’s a lot of processes and each one has to be exact and tried out as a trial proof at each stage. Here’s the photoscreen of the little knight (above) and here he is printed in cobalt blue (below). I’m happy with the little chap.     I’mContinue reading “Step By Step”

A Soft Squeegee And A Vacuum Press

  I cracked on with my trial proofs today at Swansea Print Workshop. I exposed and developed the screens yesterday, and today I mixed up some inks and tried out the screens. I’m very pleased with the quality and resolution. I’m using aluminium screens with 120 mesh from Screenstretch and Azocol photosensitive liquid stencil.  Continue reading “A Soft Squeegee And A Vacuum Press”

Exposing The Dragon

  After the block printing over the weekend, I moved on to the next phase of the multi-media print designed by the artist Jamie Reid. I worked with Kara Seaman at Swansea Print Workshop to coat two silkscreens with Azocol photosensitive solution and after they dried, exposed them each with a transparency in the UVContinue reading “Exposing The Dragon”

And …… Print

The little lino block is finished, the paper is cut, the work station is set up, so today I started printing using Cranfield Caligo Safewash relief ink in black onto Hahnemuehle paper. It’s underway!!!!!   I’m developing an edition of mixed media prints for GS Artists from an original by Jamie Reid. There is aContinue reading “And …… Print”

Finishing The Lino Block

I made the finishing touches to my little lino block “Revenge” today, removing lino from around the edge and cutting it down to size. Then I cut the paper. I sourced a lovely sheet of Hahnemulle German paper, 230gsm, that’s a perfect weight and a lovely velvety surface. I’ll get nearly 80 pieces from it.Continue reading “Finishing The Lino Block”