Finishing The Lino Block

8 Feb

stamp 1

I made the finishing touches to my little lino block “Revenge” today, removing lino from around the edge and cutting it down to size.

stamp 2

Then I cut the paper. I sourced a lovely sheet of Hahnemulle German paper, 230gsm, that’s a perfect weight and a lovely velvety surface. I’ll get nearly 80 pieces from it. I had kept the paper rolled so once I cut all those tiny pieces, I stacked them under a weight to flatten them ….. my antique stoneware hot water bottle. Storm Ciara is on the way so I hope the temperature doesn’t drop too much otherwise Husb and I are going to be chilly without our hottie.


I’m developing an edition of mixed media prints for GS Artists from an original by Jamie Reid. There is a great exhibition of his work running until March 1st and here’s some more info about the prints, which will be in a limited edition of 75.


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