A Soft Squeegee And A Vacuum Press

11 Feb

trial 2


I cracked on with my trial proofs today at Swansea Print Workshop. I exposed and developed the screens yesterday, and today I mixed up some inks and tried out the screens. I’m very pleased with the quality and resolution. I’m using aluminium screens with 120 mesh from Screenstretch and Azocol photosensitive liquid stencil.


trial 1


There’s a large vacuum press for silkscreens at Swansea Print Workshop, which makes printing run a lot more smoothly. I’m using Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic paint mixed 40:60 with screenprint medium. I’ve experimented with two different squeegees – a soft and a medium. The soft squeegee presses more ink through but loses some resolution while the medium squeegee pushes less ink through, giving very good detail but loses some colour intensity. Decisions have to be made tomorrow.



I’m developing an edition of mixed media prints for GS Artists from an original design by Jamie Reid. There is a great exhibition of his work running until March 1st and here’s some more info about the show and the prints, which will be in a limited edition of 75.


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