Pollution And The Seagull

  I spent the morning at Swansea Print Workshop – we are doing a very limited re-opening now that the Covid19 restrictions are relaxing. I want to finish an edition of screenprints I made from a drawing of a stuffed seagull back last Autumn. I printed a load of seagulls on newsprint while I wasContinue reading “Pollution And The Seagull”


I’m onto the messy stages of screenprinting now … squeegeeing ink through the stencil on the silk mesh on to the paper below. I’m almost half way through the edition, hope to have it finished by the end of the week.   Here’s a short video of me using the vacuum screenpress to print theContinue reading “Messy!”

Step By Step

  Building a screenprint step by step. It’s a lot of processes and each one has to be exact and tried out as a trial proof at each stage. Here’s the photoscreen of the little knight (above) and here he is printed in cobalt blue (below). I’m happy with the little chap.     I’mContinue reading “Step By Step”

A Soft Squeegee And A Vacuum Press

  I cracked on with my trial proofs today at Swansea Print Workshop. I exposed and developed the screens yesterday, and today I mixed up some inks and tried out the screens. I’m very pleased with the quality and resolution. I’m using aluminium screens with 120 mesh from Screenstretch and Azocol photosensitive liquid stencil.  Continue reading “A Soft Squeegee And A Vacuum Press”

Exposing The Dragon

  After the block printing over the weekend, I moved on to the next phase of the multi-media print designed by the artist Jamie Reid. I worked with Kara Seaman at Swansea Print Workshop to coat two silkscreens with Azocol photosensitive solution and after they dried, exposed them each with a transparency in the UVContinue reading “Exposing The Dragon”

Looking Forward To It

I’m really looking forward to Swansea Print Workshop’s one-day course with Edinburgh-based artist Kelly Stewart at Swansea Museum tomorrow. Kelly’s expertise is helping artists to develop our drawings for screenprint , how to take original material into print using layers of colour, which can also be applied to a whole range of print processes. Swansea MuseumContinue reading “Looking Forward To It”

Pop Goes The Bluestone

The last Neolithic drawing for a while…….

Cake, Tea, Art

After three weeks of painting, cleaning, drilling, humping furniture, doing risk assessments, form filling, dealing with bureaucracy, getting rained on, labelling and putting artwork onto walls and into browsers, Swansea’s newest artspace, The SPace, formally opened with a Welsh tea on Friday evening. It was great! Such a lovely atmosphere, lots of really lovely people,Continue reading “Cake, Tea, Art”

Get Over Yourself

  I recently had a rubber stamp made from a screen print I did a few months back (here) and tried it out today for the first time on some leftover pieces of lovely Shiohara paper. It came out like, well, a rubber stamp. Being a geeky and rather obsessive printmaker, I of course wantedContinue reading “Get Over Yourself”

Return To Life

I’ve been so busy with the series of silkscreen prints over the past few weeks that I haven’t been to life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop for ages. So back to normal this evening and I did this head study using my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8 with the free Markers app. I saved theContinue reading “Return To Life”