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Exposing The Dragon

10 Feb

screen 4


After the block printing over the weekend, I moved on to the next phase of the multi-media print designed by the artist Jamie Reid. I worked with Kara Seaman at Swansea Print Workshop to coat two silkscreens with Azocol photosensitive solution and after they dried, exposed them each with a transparency in the UV Unit.



Once they had been exposed for 2 minutes, they were washed to develop the image and then into the drying cupboard. Next stage is to do some colour tests and a couple of trial proofs – tomorrow ….



I’m developing an edition of mixed media prints for GS Artists from an original by Jamie Reid. There is a great exhibition of his work running until March 1st and here’s some more info about the show and the prints, which will be in a limited edition of 75.


Fountain Fine Art: Welsh Emerging Artists I’m one of them…

22 Feb

Here’s a blog about an exhibition that my work is featuring in, opening tomorrow. So if you’re in the Llandeilo area Saturday evening (March 23rd) please pop in for art and cake, 7-9pm.

Rose 🙂


Fountain Fine Art: Welsh Emerging Artists I’m one of them….

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