Scribbling Sparta Puss

I haven’t been doing drawings in my sketchbook regularly for a while, so back to basics today with this sketch of Sparta Puss who occupies the footstool almost permanently. I drew with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen into a leather-bound, Steampunk style sketchbook. Richard The Bird, our family Senegal parrot, stayed a few daysContinue reading “Scribbling Sparta Puss”

The Bird Is Back!

Richard The Bird has come back for a holiday. His trained monkeys are off on their travels again so he’s having a vacation with us and the kittehs. He has already established who’s boss and we hairless apes are definitely bottom of the pecking order. He’s just taken a bath in his waterbowl and peltedContinue reading “The Bird Is Back!”

Bye Bye Birdy

Richard the Bird, our little visitor, returned home to his humans today. They’re back from their travels and picked him up this evening so I had a final few scribbles. He’s been with us for a month and we’re missing the little tyke already. He’d gotten used to us and treated Husb like some sortContinue reading “Bye Bye Birdy”

Bird In A Huff

I had a sneaky digital scribble this evening, looking at Richard the Bird through the bars of his cage as he glared malevolently back at me with his yellow beady eye. He was having a hissy fit because I gave him a fresh raspberry, foraged at the local supermarket, but he wanted Husb, the parrotContinue reading “Bird In A Huff”

Pirate Parrot

Husb and I have been looking after a relative’s Senegal parrot for a couple of weeks. His name is Richard The Bird. He’s definitely a man’s man. He mostly ignores me and sits happily on Husb’s shoulder like a proper pirate parrot. But today for some reason he flew onto me. I was okay withContinue reading “Pirate Parrot”

Fatty Bum Bum

Sparta Puss has put on a shedload of weight over the Winter! She resists all attempts to put her on a diet so I’m naming and shaming her! I can’t cut down her rations too much because we’re looking after a Senegal parrot for a few weeks while his humans are on holidays and wheneverContinue reading “Fatty Bum Bum”