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Fatty Bum Bum

11 Mar


Sparta Puss has put on a shedload of weight over the Winter! She resists all attempts to put her on a diet so I’m naming and shaming her! I can’t cut down her rations too much because we’re looking after a Senegal parrot for a few weeks while his humans are on holidays and whenever Sparta is hungry, she sits next to the parrot’s cage and stares greedily at him. When he goes home, we’ll be counting her calories strictly. I think I’ll get her a treadmill. I drew this into my A5 hardbacked sketchbook, opened fully, using a graphite stick. She’s lying along my lap and she’s so heavy that she’s making my legs ache. I should call her Fatta Puss from now on.

Fish ‘N’ Chips

17 Dec

Husb took me out to lunch today. Fish and chips in the Windsor Caff. With salt and lashings of vinegar. Lovely. I had a very few minutes to scribble and I drew the lady opposite us.

17 Windsor caff

I’m a bit uncomfortable about drawing people who are out-of-the ordinary, as I don’t want to risk poking fun at them, or be voyeuristic. But on the other hand, I don’t want to censor myself either. I have to try and be honest in what I see and what I draw, that’s all I can do really. I sympathise with people who are very overweight; I’ve battled to keep my weight under control for decades, it’s hard to watch what you eat every day of your life and do your exercises no matter how much you hate doing them. And now it’s Xmas and there’s a plateful of home made mince pies in the kitchen, taunting me. 😡

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