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Charcoal And Chips

17 Jun

2 Cwmdonkin

We did our government-sanctioned lockdown exercise this evening and I stopped for a quick charcoal sketch of this pair of trees in Cwmdonkin Park. It was a bit of a rush because Husb phoned the local chippy and ordered fish and chips so we had to get there in time to pick them up while they were fresh. Oh they’re gorgeous. The sketch is willow charcoal onto handmade Khadi paper.

Fish And Chips And A Hot Bath

12 May
The Church Stone

The Church Stone

A full day today hunting the wild megalith across West Wales. For the first time it’s been hot and dry. Two weeks ago we struggled against hail and gales, today I roasted! We headed out towards Aberystwyth on the Trail of the Boar, Y Twrch Trwyth, a route suggested by The Mabinogion. It’s been a long day and we’ve only just got back, had fish and chips and a hot bath and now I’ve blogged, I’m off to bed 😀


I’m travelling around South West Wales with archaeologist Dewi Bowen who is researching his new book on Neolithic / Bronze Age monuments. His previous book on the stones of Ancient Siluria (South East Wales) can be found here. Accompanying us is film maker Melvyn Williams who is recording a documentary about our experiences. Some of Melvyn’s short films can be seen here. I’m currently working on a series of expressive drawings of ancestral sites and if you want to see some of my other artworks, please click here.


Quick And Smelly

22 May

22 windsor

Husb took me for lunch today – at our local chip shop cafe. Last of the big spenders! Anyway, we were just about the youngest people in there (and we’re middle aged) and I scribbled this eldely man while I waited for my battered fish and chips, with a diet coke- must watch the calories. I did the sketch in about a minute; that sort of timescale forces you to focus on what’s crucial.

It was a lovely evening so we went down the allotment for a spot of digging. I love digging. I get into the zone and meditate. I’ve been making comfrey tea liquid fertiliser and I doused my little leeks with it. It stinks and now I smell horrible. Luckily Husb has a cold.

Fish ‘N’ Chips

17 Dec

Husb took me out to lunch today. Fish and chips in the Windsor Caff. With salt and lashings of vinegar. Lovely. I had a very few minutes to scribble and I drew the lady opposite us.

17 Windsor caff

I’m a bit uncomfortable about drawing people who are out-of-the ordinary, as I don’t want to risk poking fun at them, or be voyeuristic. But on the other hand, I don’t want to censor myself either. I have to try and be honest in what I see and what I draw, that’s all I can do really. I sympathise with people who are very overweight; I’ve battled to keep my weight under control for decades, it’s hard to watch what you eat every day of your life and do your exercises no matter how much you hate doing them. And now it’s Xmas and there’s a plateful of home made mince pies in the kitchen, taunting me. 😡

Curry, Faggots And Mushy Peas

20 Feb

Ink drawing: at the curry house.


We have a regular babysitting slot looking after one of our great-nieces after school each Monday and this week she had a treat, dinner at The Vojon, our local curry-house [for fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, that’s just one letter away from the worst poets in the Universe]. I sketched us in the large mirrors at the end of the restaurant, reflecting the elaborate light fittings. It’s great the way that curry houses have democratised eating-out in Britain. When I was little, there were lots of Italian cafes in the city that served tea, coffee, ice-cream and steamed pies to working class people, but that was only in the daytime. Restaurants were few and far between and could only be afforded by the well-off.

If you didn’t want to cook in the evening, there was the fish and chip shop and, down the High Street, a faggot and pea shop. I can remember my Dad taking my hand and walking me down the street with a basin in his other hand. At the faggot and pea shop, they filled the basin with hot faggots in a savoury gravy and a pile of mushy peas and covered it with the teatowel Dad had brought. Then we carried it back and Mam had made some mashed potato to go with them. Delicious. Still one of my favourite meals, althought the faggot and pea shop has long gone and we buy our faggots in the local market. Then right at the end of the 1960’s the first curry house arrived in the city, serving cheap meals in the evening. It had velvet flock wallpaper, ever so posh.

Just so you know, the little Italian cafes used to heat up small round meat pies by jamming them onto the steam pipe on the coffee machine and giving them a blast of steam, making them lovely and soft and chewy, more like a suet pudding. And faggots are small savoury meatballs, considered quite a delicacy in Wales. There’s a lot of rivalry between Swansea and nearby Neath, over which has the best faggots. Swansea obviously 😉

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