Walnuts And Gesso

This is the third drawing I did at Maen Ceti / Arthur’s Stone at Cefn Bryn on the Gower Peninsula this week. I used a piece of Fabriano paper that I had prepared with two coats of textured acrylic gesso. When it was dry, I sponged some of my home-made walnut ink over it. TheContinue reading “Walnuts And Gesso”


  I was at Cefn Bryn on the Gower Peninsula yesterday, drawing at Arthur’s Stone – Maen Ceti in Welsh. It’s a Neolithic burial chamber surrounded by cairns, truly an ancient landscape of the dead. It’s a very popular site and I’ve drawn it many times, so it’s hard to come up with a newContinue reading “Stratification”

Arthur’s Stone

  Went hunting wild megaliths today, this time to Arthur’s Stone, Maen Ceti, a Bronze Age burial chamber on the Gower Peninsula. And now I’m tired ……….. Goodnight 😀  

Smiley Face

I’ve now drawn two thirds of my 100 Baby Boomers and one thing I’ve noticed is that most people’s ‘resting’ face is quite serious but a couple of people have had really smiley resting faces, keeping their smiles effortlessly for a half hour without their expressions becoming fixed and false. Genuine smiley faces.    

Mud, Megaliths and Crazy Welsh Ponies

Filmmaker Melvyn Williams in conversation with prehistorian Dewi Bowen and artist Rose Davies (that’s me) with lashings of cake! 19:00 to 20:30 on Friday the 23rd of September at The Workers Gallery, 99, Ynyshir Road, Ynyshir, RCT, CF39 0EN. Coming soon – cake and conversation, art and archaeology, mountains and megaliths, history and hailstorms…..all atContinue reading “Mud, Megaliths and Crazy Welsh Ponies”

Fellow Hunters

Drawing standing stones across South Wales….

Slicing And Dicing

I’m slicing and dicing my ancestral stones! I’ve put my drawings of Neolithic monuments into Adobe Photoshop and I’m designing some merchandise for my solo show at The Worker’s Gallery in September. I’ll have original drawings, lino prints and etchings for the exhibition but not everyone can afford original art – or may not haveContinue reading “Slicing And Dicing”

Big Pants, Burkini And The Nightwalker

Another glorious day, temperature around 30 Celsius, a heatwave!!! Husb and I went down to the beach again this evening, when it had cooled off a little and for the first time in years I went into the sea for a splash about. I can’t swim and our summers are usually so miserable that IContinue reading “Big Pants, Burkini And The Nightwalker”

Hipster On The Beach

It’s been a glorious day – the Summer has returned and it was too hoy to go out comfortably until this evening – earlier today it reached the upper 20s! Which is very hot for gingery, freckly, pasty Northern Europeans like me and Husb. We took a stroll along Swansea Beach and I had aContinue reading “Hipster On The Beach”

We’ve Got Palm Trees

Yes, we have palm trees all along the beach front and in many parks. They grow well here because the Gulf Stream swirls up around our coast and into Swansea Bay. It means the temperatures are pretty warm for this latitude but it’s also very damp as well. Husb and I went for our regularContinue reading “We’ve Got Palm Trees”