Nephew In A Hoodie

Nephew in a hoodie. Like it says on the tin. Drawn with a ballpoint pen into my A6 sketchbook. He’s so cute!

The Dim Mare

It’s been Mari Lwyd season here in Wales, an ancient tradition harking back to the worship of the Celtic horse goddess. There have been quite a few Maris stalking the area and they’re all different, they all have their own personalities. Here’s a quick sketch of Mari Gwyr, the Gower Mari. She’s plainer than mostContinue reading “The Dim Mare”

Here Comes Mayhem

At the Plygain celebration over the weekend, after there had been plenty of Welsh carols sung and a break for tea and snacks, we had some surprise visitors. Some local Wassailers accompanied by the Coppertown Mari Lwyd (Mari Trecopr). We moved quickly from traditional Xmas hymns to Mari-led mayhem. The Mari Lwyd arrives with herContinue reading “Here Comes Mayhem”

Scribbling Singing

Here are a couple more sketches I did at the Plygain celebration last weekend in Swansea. Plygain is a Welsh language carolling tradition going back at least to the 13th century. It had almost died out but is now going through a healthy revival. In the past, families would have precious books of Plygain carolsContinue reading “Scribbling Singing”

Toffee Evening, Noson Gyflaith

I carried on sketching at the Welsh Plygain celebration, while all the rest sang. Traditionally, Plygain took place in church at around 3am on Xmas morning and ended at first light. People generally stayed up all night, doing all sorts of things to keep awake. One that was popular with younger people was the makingContinue reading “Toffee Evening, Noson Gyflaith”

Taking It Further….

I’ve been thinking about how artwork develops from my original sketches. I always carry a sketchbook and have dozens and dozens stuffed into cupboards with thousands of sketches done over the years and most stay locked away. But occasionally I find something that inspires me to use some of them as the basis for newContinue reading “Taking It Further….”

Blast From The Past….

Another blast from the past, from The Bagpuss Window, a semi-derelict artspace set up by Melanie Ezra and myself about 18 months ago. It only lasted 3 weeks but we, and lots of other artists and performers, did loads of arty stuff. Swansea Print Workshop lent us a portable etching press so I got stuckContinue reading “Blast From The Past….”

A Scribble In The Tea Break

I went to a consultation event in Swansea’s Grand Theatre today, organised by the City Council to move forward with a bid to be the next UK City of Culture in 2021. Of course, I found some time for a scribble during the tea break. A good chance to draw a crowd, good practice forContinue reading “A Scribble In The Tea Break”

You Know What I Did Last Summer?

You know what I did last Summer? Well, Husb and I took part in a reality TV programme for Sky Arts. It’s about spotting fake masterpieces in art galleries across the UK. We appear mainly in the episode from Cardiff but if I told you any more, I’d have to kill you lol 😀 That’sContinue reading “You Know What I Did Last Summer?”


Here’s something else I’m about to experiment with at the moment. Nori paste, magnesium carbonate and powdered pigments. oooohhhhh!!!!!! The End Frame events are free entry but please book tickets for ‘Big Eyes’ from Cinema & Co.   I have put my series of drawings of ancient Welsh monuments on Artfinder.  If you want to seeContinue reading “Experimenting”