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Reality And Virtuality.

3 Nov

03 uglv 2c

I’ve been at the Print Workshop grafting on some  full-colour monotypes for the new exhibition. Here’s the second one finished. I posted stages one and two yesterday; this is what it looks like after the final, Process Blue, layer. I’ve used Intaglio Printmakers relief/litho oil-based pigment onto BFK Rives 250gsm paper. Back in the summer, I wandered with Husb along the Lower Swansea Valley river path, sketching and photographing industrial ruins. I noticed that most of them had graffiti so I merged some drawings I’d done of characters around town with the buildings and created my own tag, #uglv. I’m posting updates onto that hashtag on Twitter. I like the idea of linking the traditional art of printmaking (the Impressionists used this monotype technique) with 21st century social media, so that the work has a life in reality and virtuality.

SOLD! Whoohoo!

9 Feb

alan cefn drawing

Yesterday evening was the launch of the 15 Hundred Lives group show which features 14 of my monotypes and some of my sketchbooks. I was lucky enough to sell one. WOOHOO!!!! It’s called AlCefn and it’s a large monotype, about 50 x 80 cms which started out as a life drawing in chalk and charcoal onto brown wrapping paper. I made a tracing and reversed it onto a light box and, using a perspex sheet inked up in yellow oil pigment, I drew into it with cotton buds (Q Tips), rags, coctail sticks and hoghair brushes, put a sheet of BFK Rives 250 gsm paper on top and put it through the Radcliffe Press at Swansea Print Workshop, giving me a yellow print. Then I cleaned the persepx, coated it thinly in red pigment and repeated the drawing stage, overprinting the red plate onto the yellow print on paper. Finally I did the same with blue.

three plates

The overlay of the three colours gives a huge range of hues from a rich, velvety, warm black through all the primary, secondary and tertiaries to white. Magic!

alan cefn small

I’ll be running a one-day course in the technique later this month at Swansea Print Workshop, if anyone fancies learning how to do it. Either contact the print workshop by phone or email or get in touch with me. It’s a great technique for artists who draw. 🙂


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