Plygain, Welsh Cakes And Three Mari Lwyds

Husb and I went to a Plygain celebration this evening which was interrupted by no less than three Mari Lwyds. It was a very 21st century mixture of Christianity and Paganism, good fun and lots of Welsh cakes. Grand. Of course, I had to have a quick scribble. A Chance To Own One Of MyContinue reading “Plygain, Welsh Cakes And Three Mari Lwyds”

Heads ….

Here’s a couple more sketches from out night out at Swansea’s Sin City to see “As December Falls”, looking at heads close up. Good bit of practice. A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks. I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawings of the antique taxidermy collection at Swansea Museum. I haveContinue reading “Heads ….”

Venus In Sin City.

Gigging and Scribbling. Husb and I went to Sin City, our local gig venue the other night, to see a band new to the both of us, “As December Falls” and supports. It was a cracking night out. I had to have a scribble of course. Neolithic Venuses. I did some quick continuous line drawingsContinue reading “Venus In Sin City.”

Crowd Surf My Coffin

Oh WOW! It was so good to be at a live gig this week, Skindred at The Tramshed in Cardiff, first gig in over 18 months. It was AWESOME! I was so energised and danced and bounced for hours (killed me for the next two days though). But I still found a bit of timeContinue reading “Crowd Surf My Coffin”

Bruised, Sore And Hoarse. Marvellous!

Didn’t post here last night because I was AT A GIG – Skindred – for the first time since lockdown started. That’s 18 months without live music. It was BRILLIANT but I’m absolutely knackered today. My feet feel bruised, my neck is sore from headbanging and I can hardly speak because I screamed myself hoarse.Continue reading “Bruised, Sore And Hoarse. Marvellous!”

One Huge Tree

Husb and I have been walking regularly through the pandemic and we’re keeping up with it even though the lockdown has been eased. One of our routes takes us through Cwmdonkin Park, made famous by the poet Dylan Thomas, and there are many large specimen trees. This one is huge and spreads out from aContinue reading “One Huge Tree”

Mask And Mosque

Some more queue drawings. It’s getting to be a good place for sketching now. Faces with masks are new and something I haven’t had a chance to draw before. The queues I’ve been in have mostly moved reasonably quickly so I have to be really fast drawing people. I can be a bit more leisurelyContinue reading “Mask And Mosque”

Nephew In A Hoodie

Nephew in a hoodie. Like it says on the tin. Drawn with a ballpoint pen into my A6 sketchbook. He’s so cute!

Here Comes Mayhem

At the Plygain celebration over the weekend, after there had been plenty of Welsh carols sung and a break for tea and snacks, we had some surprise visitors. Some local Wassailers accompanied by the Coppertown Mari Lwyd (Mari Trecopr). We moved quickly from traditional Xmas hymns to Mari-led mayhem. The Mari Lwyd arrives with herContinue reading “Here Comes Mayhem”

Scribbling Singing

Here are a couple more sketches I did at the Plygain celebration last weekend in Swansea. Plygain is a Welsh language carolling tradition going back at least to the 13th century. It had almost died out but is now going through a healthy revival. In the past, families would have precious books of Plygain carolsContinue reading “Scribbling Singing”