Queueing And Scribbling

A big national company bought out a load of post offices and set them up in their city centre shops. So now there are no little post offices in the city centre. But the big company doesn’t seem keen to employ enough staff to serve in their central post office so there are always hugeContinue reading “Queueing And Scribbling”

The Lifting-Lockdown-Excursion

Here’s another quick little sketch from my lifting-lockdown-excursion into the city centre earlier this week. It was nice doing these scribbles, it felt like getting back to normal. A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawings of the taxidermy collection at Swansea Museum. IContinue reading “The Lifting-Lockdown-Excursion”

Spic And Span

Here’s another quick little scribble I did in my sketchbook while I was wandering around the city centre the other day. There were orderly queues everywhere, luckily it was warm and sunny, and there was this council employee power washing chewing gum off the pavement, making it spic and span for the returning shoppers. AContinue reading “Spic And Span”

Figures In A Queue 2

Now that there are more people around I’m out and about a bit more sketching. It’s great that people are in queues at the moment because they’re not rushing around and that makes it easier for me to sketch them. It’s good practice. A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks I have some smallContinue reading “Figures In A Queue 2”

Figures In A Queue

I’m trying to do more street sketching en plein air now that lockdown is easing off. I used to do a lot of outdoor scribbling, but there have been so few people around over the past year. But now we have queues! So I’m going around drawing them. It’s good practice as I get aContinue reading “Figures In A Queue”

Lampost And Cake

I was queueing outside the pharmacy in the Uplands are of the city and spotted this chap across the road leaning up against the lampost, gazing at his mobile phone. He was queueing outside the other pharmacy. Then I made a poached pear and chocolate cake to take to my niece. I hope she remembersContinue reading “Lampost And Cake”

The Last Page

I love finishing a sketchbook. It’s a slice of my life and there’s something so satisfying about drawing on the last page and closing it. It marks the passage of time. I’ll open it from time to time because these are working documents and I look through old sketchbooks to get ideas and inspiration butContinue reading “The Last Page”

Mask And Mosque

Some more queue drawings. It’s getting to be a good place for sketching now. Faces with masks are new and something I haven’t had a chance to draw before. The queues I’ve been in have mostly moved reasonably quickly so I have to be really fast drawing people. I can be a bit more leisurelyContinue reading “Mask And Mosque”

Queueing At The Chemist

Queueing today at the chemist (pharmacy). It took a while so had a quick scribble while I waited. It’s lucky that we’re having such good weather, queueing is pleasant enough, but it’s going to be horrible when the weather turns.