Scribbling The Music #2

Here’s another speedy sketch I did at the Windshake gig at Elysium last weekend. The lead singer is very fast moving so I had to scribble quickly. Really fab band, loved the gig. Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, a younger relative of mine, to have life-changing surgery in Spain. Phil is disabledContinue reading “Scribbling The Music #2”

Scribbling The Music #1

I like going to gigs and I like sketching. I like sketching at gigs. Scribbling members of the audience is usually relatively easy as they’re normally absorbed in the music – unless there’s a mosh pit going on! Now and again I try drawing the musicians, which is often harder because they tend to moveContinue reading “Scribbling The Music #1”

Spotting a character

When I’m sketching en plein air, it’s great when an unusual character comes along. It’s nice drawing anyone, but now and again someone exceptional appears. This guy was really getting into the band Windshake at the Elysium Bar the other evening. So I scribbled him. Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, aContinue reading “Spotting a character”

Another Face In The Place.

Here’s another quick scribble I did last night into my sketchbook, at the Elysium Bar. Husb and I went to see singer songwriter Tom Emlyn and folk psychedelia band Windshake – great musicians all. Raising Funds. My family is raising money for Phil, a younger relative of mine, to have life-changing surgery in Spain. PhilContinue reading “Another Face In The Place.”

A Quickie In The Pub

Husb and I went to the Elysium Bar this evening for some live music and of course, I had to have a quick scribble. There were plenty of interesting faces for me to sketch. Hats, glasses and beards are always a bit difficult and this chap had all three. Raising Funds. My family is raisingContinue reading “A Quickie In The Pub”

Dinosaurs In Platform Boots

Here’s another sketch from one of the local music bars. There’s a long history of music in Swansea and it seems to come and go in waves. When I was young – and dinosaurs roamed the earth (in platform boots) – there were LOADS of live music venues. Practically every night of the week. ThenContinue reading “Dinosaurs In Platform Boots”

Crowd Surf My Coffin

Oh WOW! It was so good to be at a live gig this week, Skindred at The Tramshed in Cardiff, first gig in over 18 months. It was AWESOME! I was so energised and danced and bounced for hours (killed me for the next two days though). But I still found a bit of timeContinue reading “Crowd Surf My Coffin”

Bruised, Sore And Hoarse. Marvellous!

Didn’t post here last night because I was AT A GIG – Skindred – for the first time since lockdown started. That’s 18 months without live music. It was BRILLIANT but I’m absolutely knackered today. My feet feel bruised, my neck is sore from headbanging and I can hardly speak because I screamed myself hoarse.Continue reading “Bruised, Sore And Hoarse. Marvellous!”