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Men In Hats

6 May

boules 2

Men in hats are hard to draw. Well, not just men, anyone really. I find heads easy enough until someone puts something on them – hats, scarves, bandanas …. even a pair of sunglasses makes it harder for me to get the proportions right. Good practice though. I scribbled these chaps at the charity boules event that Husb and I took part in yesterday. I was rubbish.

The Waiting Room

22 Jan

radiography 1

Went with a loved one to the local hospital for x-rays and took the opportunity to have a scribble while I waited. It’s very selfish but hospital waiting rooms are good places for sketching as people are often very preoccupied and don’t notice you.

radiography 2

This elderly man was dressed for the winter and kept his fabulous fake fur hat firmly on his head for the duration. I used Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S and F into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook. We weren’t there long. The NHS at its best is fantastic.

The Icelandic Hat

31 Dec


Just over a year ago, Husb and I were striding across glaciers in Iceland. Husb had forgotten to take a winter hat with him and he bought a locally made, hand knitted traditional hat. He dug it out this week because the weather has been so bad, so I nabbed him for a scribble on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet using the Magic Marker app.

It’s been a strange year, coming to terms with the loss of a much loved family member and sometimes it’s been quite a struggle,but drawing and blogging every day has been a good focus for me. I hope that everyone has a happy and fulfilling year ahead.

Another Hat Another Hairdo

14 Mar

hairdo 1

Sketching on the London Underground is great because no-one looks at you and if anyone happens to make eye contact, they look down again immediately. So I can indulge my voyeurism and scribble away. Here’s a great hairdo above and below a rather fetching hat – it was freezing and snowing while we were there.

14 hairdo 2

Problems with drawing on the Tube though, it wobbles like mad so the scribbles can get very shaky and your victim – er I mean subject, might get off at the next stop so you have to draw the essentials quickly and if you’re lucky you’ll have the chance to fill in some details as well. Good practice.

Hats And Hairdo

13 Mar

hair and hats

Last weekend in London was freezing and loads of people wore hats, great for scribbling. I like sketching on the Tube because people generally don’t look at each other so I can scribble away without being noticed. I find it hard to draw hats on heads, difficult to get the proportions right so it’s great to get a chance to practice. The guy had a fab hairdo and a nice Rupert the Bear scarf.

Drawn in my A5 pink silk recycled sari sketchbook with a Pentel V5 pen size 0.5mm.

The Cat And The Hat

30 Jan

30 catnhat

Ming The Merciless spends most of her time on top of the boiler in the kitchen so she doesn’t feature as much as Sparta in my sketchbooks. But this evening she cwtched up on the footstool, shoving my feet out of the way, so I put Husb’s hat next to her and did some scribbles. She only has one eye; she lost the other when she was very young because of serious neglect – she was a rescue cat. She’s very tiny and her semi-long hair sticks up all over the place. Husb and I try to brush her every day, but she’s a complete psychopath and our hands are covered with scrams and her fur still sticks up all over the place!

The antibiotics are starting to work but I’m still quite ill – not able to go out for another couple of days. I’ve resigned myself to not being able to do much and I’m catching up with some novels, newspapers and arts documentaries on YouTube. The antibiotics make me very drowsy which helps.

Hats And Fire

5 Nov


Guy Fawkes Night!!!!! A great British tradition. Some say that Guy Fawkes is the only person ever to have entered the Houses of Parliament with honest intentions. Tonight we took a young relative to the municipal fireworks display just across the road from the sea. It was terrific, some of the best fireworks I’ve seen. It was a good chance to sketch in  crowd too and there were loads of hats. Then afterwards, we strolled along the beach for a while. Over the last decade or so, crowds of mostly younger people flock onto the beach on Guy Fawkes night, setting off their own foreworks, lighting bonfires and partying. You hardly ever see people using the beach in the summer, but here we are on a very cold wintry night and there are thousands.

Hard Hats And Hair Dos

24 Oct


Out tonight at the Tapestri arty bar for a gig by Fanny Holm and had a good scribble while I was at it. There were quite a few people with hats and unusual hairdos so I focussed on them. Hats are sooo HARD to draw.

Hair is so much easier. Goodnight 🙂

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