And A Little Bit Pear Shaped: 4

Towards the end of the day I spent up The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir last week, I had a fourth, final, attempt at doing a monotype with a silkscreen and Daler Rowney acrylic screenprint medium. My experiments with Inktense blocks were a miserable failure (here) so I switched to watercolour pencils. First, I printed aContinue reading “And A Little Bit Pear Shaped: 4”

Still Pear Shaped: 3

After disappointing results with the Inktense blocks*, I decided to switch to watercolour pencils. I’d done this monotype technique before and the results weren’t bad, so I thought I’d give it another go. I drew onto the screen mesh from an old portrait sketch, and then squeegeed Daler Rowney Screenprint Medium through it. The resultContinue reading “Still Pear Shaped: 3”

Then It Carried On Being Pear Shaped: 2

Following on from yesterday’s tale of defeat*, I had a think about what might have gone wrong and wondered if the Inktense marks on the silkscreen just didn’t get wet enough to release their vibrant pigments onto the paper. So I made the mesh nice and wet and drew onto it with the Inktense blocks.Continue reading “Then It Carried On Being Pear Shaped: 2”

Then It All Went Pear-Shaped: 1

I spent last Sunday up The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir, doing some experiments with silkscreen monotype techniques. I wanted to see if Derwent Inktense blocks would work, using them to draw from a small sketch directly onto the screen mesh. Once I finished sketching, I put a piece of paper under the screen and pouredContinue reading “Then It All Went Pear-Shaped: 1”

Trying New Things

I spent a lovely day at The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir at the weekend, trying out some new techniques for screenprinting. Gayle and Chris, the artists who run the gallery, are away so I jumped at the chance of taking over the space and experimenting without the distractions of home and cat. First priority, makeContinue reading “Trying New Things”

The Coalfield Part 3

Here’s the completed drawing, one of several I did on my visit to Big Pit / Pwll Mawr near Blaenavon last Sunday. I used my sanguine conté crayon to do the final strokes on the drawing, after the black and white. It’s a lovely area with spectacular hills and intriguing industrial heritage. Husb and IContinue reading “The Coalfield Part 3”

The Coalfield Part 2

Husb and I visited Big Pit / Pwll Mawr just outside the World Heritage Site town of Blaenavon. I had a scribble en plein air in my A4 spiral bound brown paper sketchbook. I stood on the grass up above the mining site and after quickly drawing the darker areas of the rugged mountainous landscape of theContinue reading “The Coalfield Part 2”

The Coalfield Part 1

Visiting Big Pit / Pwll Mawr in Blaenavon on Sunday with Husb, I took the opportunity to do some drawing en plein air in my A4 spiral bound brown paper sketchbook. I stood on the grass up above the mining site and quickly drew the darker areas of the rugged mountainous landscape of the SouthContinue reading “The Coalfield Part 1”

Big Pit / Pwll Mawr

Husb and I had a grand day out today, driving up to Big Pit National Coal Museum near Blaenafon. We met up with a gaggle of artists (is that the right collective noun?) from The Worker’s Gallery and Workshops in Ynyshir in the nearby Rhondda Valley. It’s a fabulous small gallery that punches way aboveContinue reading “Big Pit / Pwll Mawr”

S’Up In May And June?

What am I up to? I’m working through a load of art events that I’ve been preparing for ages. I’ve done TRANSITION, a public art event on May 20th and 21st 2016 in Swansea’s Creative Bubble Artspace with the 15 Hundred Lives art collective. And then May 28th I was in Fringe Arts Bath’s “AContinue reading “S’Up In May And June?”