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I Don’t Like Brushes

27 Oct

rose 1

Water Colour. The clues in the name. Water. Colour. Water first, then the colour. I’ve been having a few little experiments with watercolours lately. It pays to use excellent quality paints as the colours are so vibrant. I soaked the paper with a sponge first then dappled little spots of watercolour onto the surface with my finger, then ended up with a few scribbles of Aquarelle pencils. I’ve never liked paintbrushes, which might be why I’m a printmaker. It’s nice to play around with materials with for no other reason than having a play.



Helping The Monkey

10 Feb

10 monkey help

Greetings bald apes. Sparta the psycho-kitteh here. I’ve been helping the furless she-monkey tonight. She likes to make marks on paper with coloured dirt. I don’t know why. She could be doing something more useful, like licking me clean or hunting rats. I’d do much more interesting things if I had opposable thumbs. I’ll never understand the workings of the monkey mind.

Here she is playing with woody sticks and water. And here I am directing the whole thing. She wasn’t very grateful. Idiot.

Back To Life

3 Jan

03 life

Back to the first life drawing session of the New Year at Swansea Print Workshop this evening. I’m definitely rusty after a fortnight’s break. Our model managed to hold this post for an hour – marvellous. I used a Pentel V5 pen into an A5 spiral-bound Bockingford watercolour pad, with a Derwent watercolour pencil to do the shading behind the figure.

I Don’t Do Nature

4 Jun

I draw people and occasionally, at a push, animals but I don’t do nature. I’ve just finished Martin Gayford’s book about his conversationas with David Hockney and he discusses his new-ish paintings from the countryside surrounding his home in the north of England, so I thought I should break out of my comfort zone and give nature a go. He talks about how artists interpret what we see, rather than slavishly copy it and how we decide what to focus on, what marks to make, what materials to use in order to interpret, and when he put it like that, it seemed less intimidating. I think that when I’ve tried it in the past, I’ve aimed to be too representational and tried to do something like botanical drawings and really, that’s a whole different genre in itself and not something that particularly interests me.

So I had a bash today using my Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen [size S] and Aquarelle watercolour pencils into an A6 watercolour pad. This is a corner of our new ‘pond’ down on the allotment, which is an old bath and a plank of wood. We’ve had it a fortnight and already the native flag iris and pondweed I transfered from our garden pond have established themselves along with a newt and loads of insects. I’m going to draw reguarly from nature for a while and get some practice in.

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