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The Curate’s Egg

15 Oct


Tonight’s life drawing is like the Curate’s egg – good in parts. I had the most horrific foreshortening on the left hand. no matter how many times I measured it, the darn thing looked badly drawn. I used Winsor & Newton’s willow charcoal and white conte crayon onto a piece of Fabriano Accademica that I had marbled with oil paint and turpentine.

It’s late. I’m going to bed. Goodnight 😀

The Curate’s Egg

11 Jul

11 tonya 2

Just got back from this evening’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop, which was a bit of a curate’s egg….good in parts. I loosened up with my first drawing, using white conte crayon and a lump of carbon onto a piece of handmade paper that I’d prepared with a dark ink wash. I like this, it’s much freer than my normal approach. Then I retreated into my comfort zone, with a dip pen and Indian ink.

11 tonya 1

The upper body went well, but then I lost the plot completely with her left hand, which was very difficult because of the foreshortening. So I went over it with white ink, but it didn’t dry so I’ll have to leave it for another day.

11 tonya 3

Finally, I took an old discarded etching that I’d prepared with a soggy tea bag and did a quick sketch with a grey ink wash and a dip pen, to try and get the proportion of the hand correct, to use as a reference for the drawing above when I’m ready to rework it. Ho hum…….



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