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A Lump Of Carbon

9 Feb

drawing 1

Creativity is a fickle thing, seems to be feast or famine, on a roll or nothing at all. I’m in a nothing phase at the moment so I’m pushing my way though it by just doing stuff at random. Today I grabbed a piece of vintage hand-made paper, really lovely, and a lump of carbon. First of all, I turned the carbon lump on its side and scraped it horizontally across the textured paper, varying the pressure to achieve different tones.
drawing 2

Then I turned it through 90 degrees and using the point of the graphite stick, dragged thin lines up and down the paper. It’s not great art, but it’s necessary to just play sometimes.


The Curate’s Egg

11 Jul

11 tonya 2

Just got back from this evening’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop, which was a bit of a curate’s egg….good in parts. I loosened up with my first drawing, using white conte crayon and a lump of carbon onto a piece of handmade paper that I’d prepared with a dark ink wash. I like this, it’s much freer than my normal approach. Then I retreated into my comfort zone, with a dip pen and Indian ink.

11 tonya 1

The upper body went well, but then I lost the plot completely with her left hand, which was very difficult because of the foreshortening. So I went over it with white ink, but it didn’t dry so I’ll have to leave it for another day.

11 tonya 3

Finally, I took an old discarded etching that I’d prepared with a soggy tea bag and did a quick sketch with a grey ink wash and a dip pen, to try and get the proportion of the hand correct, to use as a reference for the drawing above when I’m ready to rework it. Ho hum…….



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