Drawing More Darkness In The Darkness

Here’s another drawing in the dark I did last weekend at a small arts festival, “Kilvey Ole”, I went to on one of Swansea’s hillsides. It was very dark there so I could hardly see the paper or the marks I was making. But also, the people and things I was drawing were in darknessContinue reading “Drawing More Darkness In The Darkness”

Star And Pennants

Here’s another small, quick contemplative scribble, done as I walk the Waun Wen area of the city on Sundays, recording into my little sketchbook. This is a strange combination of images, the signage – a hard sell in a second hand car yard; the massive local authority tower blocks set against a backdrop of KilveyContinue reading “Star And Pennants”

From One Hill To Another

I’m going to be working in the Waun Wen area of the city for the next few months and I’ve booked the lovely community centre twice a week, as a base in the locality and as an occasional artist studio. Today was rainy but I managed to get in a drawing between showers. Here’s theContinue reading “From One Hill To Another”

Back in Black

Hello. This is my third podcast and it’s about where the colour black comes from, with a bit about Swansea’s local industrial history thrown in. It is mostly based on the book: Colour Travels Through the Paintbox by Victoria Finlay PURITANS AND PIRATES: Booze and Brothels and the Colour Black Hiya. Rosie Scribblah here. ThisContinue reading “Back in Black”

The Collage, The Tip And The Cake

I’ve been smearing leftover paints onto nice papers over the past few months, building up a store of collage papers to experiment with. I recently started thinking about the Hafod tip in Swansea which was opposite my bedroom window for much of my childhood. And looming above it in the distance was the equally black and ruinedContinue reading “The Collage, The Tip And The Cake”