Giving It A Go

It’s almost half a century since I rocked up, in flares and platforms, at the Foundation Course in Swansea Art School, determined to be a painter. Then I did the module in printmaking and retired my paintbrushes. Until the pandemic lockdown started in Spring last year. We were only allowed out of the house forContinue reading “Giving It A Go”


Waste not, want not. That’s what my Nana used to say. It’s stuck with me through my life. So when I have some acrylic paint left over from my Faking Fridays, (at The Cheese And Wine Painting Club) I’ve been scraping it onto scraps of heavyweight leftover paper, like Bockingford. I had a bit thatContinue reading “Scrapings”

Looking Back (With A Kitten)

Oh the glamour of being an artist. Sorting through my drawers. I decided to spend a bit of time this evening organising my plans chest, which meant rediscovering some of my older work. It was good, remembering how I’d done things a while back. This mixed media piece started as a drawing with a lifeContinue reading “Looking Back (With A Kitten)”

Scribbling With Paint

I normally scribble with pens, pencils, charcoal, graphite but as I’m doing a lot of painting recently, my pandemic challenge is to improve my painting skills, I sometimes end up with leftover paint. So I’ve been rummaging around in my drawers for leftover paper and use mostly palette knives to scribble the paint onto lovelyContinue reading “Scribbling With Paint”

More Scrapings

I’ve filled this A3 sheet of Bockingford paper with the scrapings from the paintings I’ve been doing recently. The paint is too expensive to just chuck, Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic, and as my Nanna used to say, “waste not, want not”. I’ve put it on mostly with a palette knife and the heavy texture ofContinue reading “More Scrapings”

Messing About With Gouache And Buttercream

I had a bit of gouache left over from a design I was working on so, waste not want not, I grabbed some Bockingford paper that was knocking about and messed about with it, not using any source material, just brushing the paint across the paper for the sheer fun of it. It flows soContinue reading “Messing About With Gouache And Buttercream”

Scrapings and Surrealists

I’m very frugal. I was raised by the “waste not, want not” generation and I try to use up everything. I’ve been doing some painting practice through the lockdown and I’ve taken to scraping the paint off my palette and onto nice paper. It’s very good paint, Liquitex Easy Body acrylic, onto Bockingford paper. TheContinue reading “Scrapings and Surrealists”

A Pandemic Mask

So after several days of cutting cloth, cutting blocks, printing and sewing here’s my first pandemic mask. I carved the word “isolate” into a little lino block as the basis for the work. I hope it will be the first of many. I learnt as I went along. My sewing skills are rusty – soContinue reading “A Pandemic Mask”

Ideas And Fish Pie

I’ve been thinking a lot since the lockdown started about doing some artwork based around the Covid19 virus and the way our lives have changed. But I’m not someone who can force it and it’s had to mull around inside for a while and now the ideas are creeping out from wherever they come from.Continue reading “Ideas And Fish Pie”

An Inspirational Talk

Husb and I went to a talk by the veteran artist Hanlyn Davies at our local art gallery, The Glynn Vivian, this evening. I really appreciated it and learnt a lot. I’ve been trying to break away from always working directly from life, tapping into my imagination, but I’ve been finding it hard going. WatchingContinue reading “An Inspirational Talk”